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Posted by snodrog742 , in Editorial, US Cellular News and Rumors 23 December 2012 · 2,007 views

sms tax us cellular tatango marketing
Today USCellular (USCC) announced via their updated Commercial Terms that beginning January 1, 2013, SMS providers will be hit with a new message tax when sending messages to USCC customers. This tax will be applied to all incoming messages to the US Cellular network (SMS marketing, not texts to your Aunt Millie).

Other carriers have tried to pull this in the past, and ended up backing off due to the customer backlash. If SMS providers are going to be hit with extra taxes on top of what they are already paying, then it stands to reason that they will not offer their services to USCC customers.

How do you as a USCC customer feel about this? Does it matter to you? Do you not even use SMS services? Would a lack of those services be enough to make you switch carriers? Let us know in the comments.


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John Vincent
Dec 23 2012 10:57 PM

This really is kind of interesting, even though on the surface it seems like a boring news story. I have a line on Simple Mobile, and they too block these kinds of text messages. It becomes frustrating to not be able to receive text alerts from Weather Channel, Starbucks, even my local favorite BBQ place.  I also get text alerts on my USCC line from a local chain of gas stations when their prices are about to go up; can't sign up through my simple mobile line. So it becomes frustrating and annoying sometimes, will be interesting to see if uscc stays with this idea or backs down like Instagram recently, or VZW did with this same kind of tax.

Huh? Even if you have unlimited texting? Screw this.

I don't quite understand. How would this effect the consumer?

What does "SMS marketing" mean?  If it doesn't affect my texts that I receive and send to friends, etc. whether they're USCC customers or not - than how does it affect us at all?  What exactly is the tax on?

This tax affects mass texting from companies like daily deals or gas price alerts like John stated.  Also emergency alerts is where it will affect me.  My university sends out alerts and the way I read it - those would be affected as well.  Will they cut me off after they see they're being charged extra to alert me?  I don't know.  The consumer will never be charged but the ones we receive these kinds of alerts from absolutely will be

Doesn't the word "tax" imply a charge enforced by a government authority?  Unless USCC now believes they can pass legislation to govern our lives (e.g. pawn the souls of their constituents to Sprint), I believe this would be better called a "fee"... 

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Oh OK that won't effect me but still who does us cellular think they are?
i hope its not gonna happen. Especially if you already have unlimited texting!. I do about 1500-2000 plus sms every month so that would suck a lot.
Those stories imply they pay some kind of fee now to the carrier and that these are significant increases on that, any idea what they pay now?

2013 Resolution ... Search for a real carrier? 


If I sign up for a service such as breaking news isn't that covered by my Monthly Bill?


What does unlimited texting mean? 

I use verification through sms for my google stuff, would this be affected by this?

I hate getting advertisement texts - so as "that guy" I'll just say I don't care.  I don't want those messages anyway.


As for weather alerts, I earn a living based on weather conditions - so I'm always on top of it.


I may be a rare case here, but I simply dont care for getting texts that I didnt explicitly request.

This is really stupid. I wonder if say local news stations will stop sending weather alert/school closure texts out to USCC customers.

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