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  • snodrog742

    Christmas Promo 2013! Starts Dec. 13 [UPDATED 12/11 12:00PM]

    By snodrog742

    Well, just a few weeks after Thanksgiving it appears we've received the Christmas pricing from an anonymous tipster! For all of you disappointed that the Moto X was not in Thanksgiving special, fret no more! That and quite a few other devices will be free. Let's take a look: Free (New/Upgrade/Add a Line) Apple iPhone 4s LG Optimus F7 Moto X Black/White/Turquoise Motorola Electrify M Samsung ATIV Odyssey Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Black/White $99 (New/Upgrade/Add a Line) Samsung Galaxy MegaSamsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 $.01 with Points Apple iPhone 5c (7500) Moto X (6800) Motorola Electrify M (6800) Samsung ATIV Odyssey (6800) Samsung Galaxy Mega (7500) Samsung Galaxy S4 (7500) Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (6800) That pretty much covers the major devices. Sadly, no deals on the Samsung Galaxy Note III. Attached is the full document as well in case there's a device I missed that you'd be interested in. Anyone looking to take advantage of this sale? I know my family will be getting 2 Moto X's. Let's hear your choices below! ***Beginning December 12th, all customers currently on a Rewards eligible plan will receive 5000 Rewards points per account. Additionally, beginning Friday, December 13th, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5C (16GB) all colors will be lowered to 5000 Reward points.***

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  1. In this video I unbox my new Nexus 6P!

    I would be honored if each and everyone of you would subscribe to my channel, that would be awesome!

    Overall I am blown away at this device. It screams premium right as you open it. The fingerprint scanner is blazing fast and is super simple to setup.

    For those of you that did get a new Nexus 6P or 5X, let me know your thoughts about the device down below!