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blog-0724951001381870609.jpgWell, here's some exclusive news being reported to us at Team US Cellular. This news is pretty staggering and is supposedly the reason behind the such drastic changes in cellular reception and network degradation that EVERYONE and their dog has probably noticed. If you haven't, then consider yourself lucky.

Very few details are really available as many employees have yet to even hear this from what we gather. All we know is that some techs have been told that the Samsung Galaxy S III is causing more serious network issues than anyone knows. We all know the S3 had it's share of personal reception issues that Samsung and US Cellular did acknowledge for the most part. The question is, did this "fix" truly fix reception or cause even more issues related to the network infrastructure. Again, very few details other than "if this device or multiple S3 devices connected it will appear there is a network issue for the customers." We have also heard this referenced as the "phone of doom."

According to one source, Samsung has acknowledged this issue and owning up to it. No idea if this could be spread to other Samsung devices or not as of yet. This same source did say there could be some options coming available for early upgrades as well as $100 credits towards a Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2, or Motorola X even to assist in getting this device removed from the network and get the stability back and reception to where it used to be. I do hope this is actually the culprit and US Cellular can get this corrected swiftly and back on top with reception!

So, what do you think? Could this one device be blamed for the entire network collapse? Would you ditch your S3 if they gave you credit to upgrade? Let's hear thoughts below!



as of July 1st, it takes 1300 points to accelerate one month of eligibility...

Yea! Wait, what!? Grrrrr! News is filtering in of Device Upgrade Accelerators are going up in price. Stupid economy.... So, 300 more points per month to upgrade and that's only one reward... what about the others? No idea yet here, but we can probably venture a pretty safe guess that they'll be going up to.

Now, US Cellular argued that with the new Belief Plans you'd be getting more points but your renewal time would go to 22 months instead of 18 months. Now, that balanced out pretty well I thought... more time, more points given. Now we get a month later and hear, more time, more points given to you, but more points to use that accelerator. See the common word there? MORE. The MORE is in US Cellular's favor and not the customers the way I see it.

Well, on the other hand, I suppose it is to be expected. We did just see a first time announcement of a flagship device the same time as the Big 4. I'm truly excited about that and hope USCC keeps that up. However, that phone that I could get next month... now gets pushed back 3 months due to this 300 point/month increase.

Here's to hoping in 3 more months another 4G device comes out.... not sure what else other than maybe a Motorola? Anyways, what are your thoughts on the points increase? Should there be more warning so customers could plan better such as me? Let us know below!


blog-0059391001384550983.pngHere we go again! Looks like US Cellular is coming around and catering more to EXISTING customers and letting them in on Black Friday deals EARLY even! I think it's been 2-3 years since we've actually seen deals like this which is long overdue in our opinion. Here's what we got:

New Devices:

Moto X Turquoise

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Black & White

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

Apple iPad Mini with Retina


Motorola Electrify M

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy Axiom

Samsung ATIV Odyssey

LG Optimus F7


Apple iPhone 5c


Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Who wants to guess when these start? Too slow - these begin November 21st for existing customers! Yes, EXISTING customers get first dibs at these prices/specials. As far as we can tell, these are INSTANT prices as well! These will also include 2 year contract and $35 activation fee as usual so please keep that in mind as well.

Also, it is being reported that US Cellular is allowing financing and loan type deals on their tablets beginning November 17th. What this means is, you can purchase the tablet outright at close to retail price or you may pay it off in installments each month. Here's a look at monthly installment option:


There you have it. We're very impressed with US Cellular's free phone lineup this year for existing customers. Especially allowing them to take advantage early before Black Friday. What do you think? Is one of these in your near future? Let's hear it!

New info!

7,500 points:

Moto X

Samsung Galaxy S4

iPhone 5c

These deals have also been extended to Add a Lines for existing customers! (Clarifying here: these deals are available for upgrades & add a lines for existing customers. I apologize if you only thought it was for add a lines. The points option is not available for new customers as they have no points.)

Also, a very confusing promo where for shared data you can get free device connection charges for 3 months for hotspots, modems and tablets.

Then, you can also get up to $150 in MIR for being on shared data, buying an applicable phone. Trading in an applicable device, getting insurance and buying a tablet or hotspot.

Unfortunately, there's really not much more info than that on what devices and such but definitely could be worth checking out.

[updated: removed Moto X as 7,500 points instead it is iPhone 5c]

Starting June 29th, us cellular will be charging a 30 dollar upgrade fee for all renewals.. the reasoning being 1) att, Verizon, and tmobile all do and 2) and i quote "to increase revenue to better invest in releasing high end devices in a similar time frame as competitors"

That's right, you heard it here first. Renewal fees for everybody!

Now, this comes on the heels of a great high-end phone release, Belief Plan Reward increase, tiered data, etc. Why not add something else!?

More and more lately, US Cellular seems to be using the logic of "if they Big 4 are doing it, why not us?" My response along with others I'm sure, "You are NOT the Big 4!" This renewal fee did not go over well for Verizon but they do offer a trade-in program to offset that fee. US Cellular also offers trade-in, but not the greatest last I checked.

Now, this fee really is a downer in my opinion. We pay for the phone (yes, subsidized but enough), plus our bill every moth, plus data which will keep going up, get our Reward points to be less in value, and now have to pay MORE just to get a new phone. What's next? Charge me a $1 just to restart my phone?

Anyways, be on the lookout and maybe try and get that upgrade squeezed in this week. Anybody have any thoughts or comments? Let's hear them below!


[uPDATE (7/18)] These changes are also delayed due to TOPS delay. Sources are saying the 25th now after TOPS fully implemented. Belief Plan customers will also be subjected to this forced contract and restocking fee.

The tip line has been buzzing like crazy the past few days. With the US Cellular blackout info as well as others offering a bit of other changes coming. Here's what we know which unfortunately, isn't a lot yet:

Autopay Discount


Autopay discount is going away. From what were hearing this includes both the 3% and 5% discounts. While those usually are not much of a savings for many, any money the customer can save is usually appreciated. I guess US Cellular thinks it needs our accounts $6 savings more than we do.

Restocking fees


If you return a device within 15 days for their "service guarantee" or whatever reason you will now be paying $35 for them to restock that device. Before, you could try the phone and just not like the feel or it might be too complex for you and could return it for free within 15 day trial period. Those days will be no more.



Yep, that ugly word. It's coming true again. We all know you need to sign a contract right now for their 4G unlimited promotional plans but soon this will once again be required for all postpay plans. The one and done contract was a GREAT concept on paper as well as setting themselves apart from the competition but the profit loss with those getting a brand new device and then terminating their account were astronomical from what we hear. Thus, US Cellular needs to take action to keep these losses from happening. Very unsure on what this means for current Belief Plan customers as our questions to our sources have gone unanswered. We will update as soon as we know more.

All of these changes keep being cited as "sometime in July or "mid-July." Our best guess here at Team US Cellular - immediately after the TOPS conversion happening this weekend. These changes are probably already programmed in and will start as soon as they can be accessed.

What do you think? Are they just going too far now? Are you still happy with the network even with all these changes? Let's hear your thoughts!

[uPDATE] July 19th these changes will be returning.


It's always an excitement when we see new devices appear in USC's lineup.

The latest information brings NO disappointments, and a few raised eyebrows!

10/26 - Electrify M info added.

11/1 - Electrify M goes live on - info/pic updated.

11/12 - Galaxy S Axiom (potential) FCC link added

First up is what seems to be an entry level device - pure and simple:

Alcatel OneTouch Shockwave


  • Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 3.5" HVGA Touchscreen
  • 800MHz Processor w/ 512M RAM
  • 3.2 MP Camera with flash
  • Wi-Fi Capable
  • Water, Dust, and Shock Resistant
  • Dragontrail™ Glass Scratch-resistant Display
  • 2GB MicroSD Card included - supports up to 32GB
  • 1GB On-board Memory

Source: USC

Now the device that is making waves in the US:

Huawei Ascend Y


  • 3.2 MP camera
  • 3.5" screen
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread

On deck - A WP8 device already making a name for itself in the world of Smartphones:

HTC Windows Phone 8S



  • Qualcomm® S4 1 GHz, Dual-core
  • Total storage: 4 GB, available capacity varies
  • Expansion SD card slot supports micro™ SD memory card for additional storage (card not included)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 4 inch super LCD touch screen with WVGA resolution
  • Studio-quality sound with Beats Audio™ built in
  • 5 megapixel camera with auto focus LED flash
  • 720p video recording
  • 1700 mAh Battery

-Looks as though this will be available in a wide range of color choices, too!

Source: HTC

Next is the little known device:

Samsung Galaxy S Axiom


  • Display: 4" AMOLED
  • CPU: 1.5 GHz dual-core (probably the Qualcomm S4)
  • 4G LTE
  • Camera: 5 MP rear, and ?? front

This one was most likely the Infinite that appeared on the Rebate forms, and be mid-level priced $99.

Link to FCC approval - this may/may not be it: Here

-I will update info for this device as it becomes available.

Now, we all know about this one, but it needs mentioning:

Galaxy Note 2


  • 8 MP camera
  • 5.5" screen
  • 1.6 MHz Quad Core
  • 4G LTE
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Source: USC

Finally, the one I've been waiting to drop the bombshell on...

Motorola Electrify M



New info: Price is said to be $99 after MIR. This IS identical to Verizon's Razr M according to our source.

- I can only imagine that this is the sister device to the Droid Razr M - The 4G Moto hybrid USC style.*


  • 4g LTE,
  • 4.3 AMOLED screen,
  • dual core 1.5 ghz processor,
  • 8 MP 1080p camera.
  • Price confirmed to be $200

Lastly... Perhaps even better...

Every one of these devices are scheduled to launch ON or BEFORE November 11th 2012!

So, keep checking back - I will update the moment new info arrives!

It looks like the 11th deadline has come and gone - No WP8 or Axiom. IDK why, but USC has fallen behind.




Holiday prices have finally been shared with us! Now, with the recent news that broke with Sprint... this really is no help to that news. We can hope for better Christmas deals, right? Read below for prices. These are subject to change as thy're preliminary but probably won't see much change.


OneTouch Premier - $9.99

Motorola Electrify M - $149.99 (non-4G markets)

Motorola Electrify M - $99 (4G Markets)

Galaxy S Axiom - $79.99 (non-4G Markets)

Galaxy S Axiom - FREE (4G Markets)

Galaxy Note 10.1 - $499.99 WIFI only Model

Aviator - $149.99

Galaxy S 2 White/Blue - $99.99

Metrix - $199.99

Note II - $299.99

ZTE Render - $50

After $50 MIR:

HTC OneV - $79.99

Splendor - $49.99

Defy - $49.99

Curve - Free

Torch - $99.99

What are your thoughts? Are you excited or just more bummed? I understand they need the money but these prices are pretty shameful in my opinion. We can't help but notice the Samsung Galaxy S III is suspiciously missing from this list. What do you think they could do better? Let us know your thoughts below!

- Added Axiom and Electrify M 4G market prices



Three major updates we've ALL been waiting for, right? Well, GOOD NEWS!!! And.............. oh, you already guessed, BAD NEWS!!!!! Read below for more:

Galaxy S II

December 19th - update will drop.

Galaxy S III

(hide your children, hide your wife)

Update ​now has been put on hold due to an issue with mobile TV..........

Galaxy Note II

Update is ready but no time or date for drop.

So, there you have it. Especially you Galaxy S II owners should be pretty happy here as you seem to be the only winners, for once. Galaxy S III owners I can hear the riot starting now. Anyone have a bomb shelter the TUSCC Admins can come to? And how about Galaxy Note II owners? What do you think - it's ready, why isn't it released? Post thoughts about all 3 devices below and maybe some guesses on when the last 2 updates will drop.

John Vincent


Today a tip came in on the ol’ tip line letting us know about where US Cellular is headed with the upcoming tiered data plans. And…it’s not all bad. There's always some fear, uncertainty and doubt involved in change. Unofficial leaks sometimes add to that, but we love a good rumor.

I had previously mentioned somewhere in the TUSCC forums in one of the discussions of tiered data, that I was of the opinion that if a carrier was going to get tiered data right, it would be USCC. Not everyone agreed, which is everyone’s right. But in looking at these leaked (and let me stress while these are from a reliable source, they are leaked and not official) tiered data prices, I am convinced that US Cellular is going to hit a home run with this. Keep reading to find out more.

So let’s get right to the good stuff. Here’s a breakdown of where the tiered prices appear to be heading.

300mb - $20

2gb - $25

4gb - $35

5gb - $50

10gb - $90

Now before you hyperventilate and say “those were the prices previously leaked!”, let me give you the rest of the juicy details.

The 4,5, and 10gb plans will include tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot. To me that’s big. One argument I’ve always heard is “It’s my data, I pay for it, why should the carrier care how I view that data?” Well, now, US Cellular has answered that argument. It is your data; want to view it on your tablet? Go right ahead; and the best part is it’s all legal now. Also in this, the 2gb plan will have the option of adding an additional 2gb for tethering/hotspot – no word to us on the cost of adding that.

More good news is that data overages have been tweaked into a more reasonable amount as well. The 300mb plan will rollover into an additional flat rate fee 300mb at a time. So if you go over once, your plan for the month would be 600mb; no more per/mb overages creating a hole in your wallet at the end of the month. I don’t have a price on that additional flat rate.

In the same way, the 2gb, 4gb, 5gb, and 10gb plans will also roll over at a flat rate, $10 for 1gb. I think this is a really good and fair way for US Cellular to deal with both the increasing costs of data and the increasing demands for that data by their customers. No word yet on how this will fit into Belief Plans, but I’m sure we’ll see some info soon. Also, keep in mind that USCC has said 4G LTE plans will be the same as 3G, so my best guess is that these prices are what you’ll pay for 4G LTE.

My initial reaction is that this is good. No, not everyone will like it; I’m sure some will complain. But if you know you won’t use 4gb and you don’t want tethering, get the 2gb plan; if you go over, it’s only another $10 for another 1gb. So go ahead and sound off in the comments – what’s your opinion? Good? Bad? “I’m taking my phone and going elsewhere”? Let us know in the comment section.



Can anyone tell me what this device is? Anyone? I'm sure ya'll are screaming at your screen.... sorry, still can't hear you. Nanana! Okay, anyways..... did you guess the Motorola Droid Razr? Good job!

Yes, that's right. The tip line just buzzed that this device will be released this summer under the rebranding of "Electrify 2". Now, we've heard of this mysterious 2nd Gen Electrify but weren't quite sure on details. Not 100% confirmed on if keeping same specs as on VZW as the tip was vague... but this gives us a direction to head in. (Update just came in! 4G and Dual Core confirmed)

That being said....


  • Android 2.3.5 at least... maybe 4.0 by summer time release?
  • 4.3" Super AMOLED Advanced screen
  • 4G LTE
  • Dual Core 1.2GHz
  • 16 GB Internal storage

Now, obviously those are pretty similar to the original Electrify, excluding the 4G LTE. Many have voiced opinions that they would be completely satisfied with the Electrify as long as 4G was added. Well, looks like that dream is coming true. Are you still excited or still left wanting more even though you SAID you would be happy? Let us know below.....

(Author's note - I'm excited... I love my Electrify and supposed to be in 2nd rollout of 4G.... this will be a top choice for me, even though it is Motorola)


With exceptions of course.... Who saw that coming? So, here's the details as we just received a screenshot. I'll outline below as not to compromise Anonymous' security.

  • Offer Date from Nov. 18 - Jan. 31, 2013 (screenshot says 2012 but I'll take the liberty of correcting that)
  • Wave 1 and Wave 2 LTE markets only
  • $40 regular Unlimited, $60 with tethering
  • Either of these plans EARN 200 Belief Points per month
  • 24 Month Agreement EVEN IF ON BELIEF PLAN!
  • Must have 4G device (duh?)

That's the jist of it. Month and a half to take advantage of this deal. Not exactly sure how the contract works with belief plan, if in conjunction or you lose your belief plan. What do you think of this deal? Excited or just "meh" about it? Let us know!

UPDATE: Belief Plan will stay intact and 24 month contract will only be for data.

John Vincent

New info as of 03-28-2012

Good Morning, TeamUSCC'ers! Just a quick post here, as I'm getting ready to head to the hospital with my 5-year old (he's having his tonsils out today!) We received some good info last night to clarify some of the confusion that has surrounded previous leaks. Some of this may seem like we're re-hashing old news, but our tipster's post was so well written that I just want to give it to you straight, as-is. So here it is, I'll break in occasionally with a comment or two.

So, to break it down into simple English.

100MB - $10(for feature/non-smartphones only)

300MB - $20(for any phone, including smartphones)

2GB - $25(rollover charge for each GB overage is $10)

Tethering and additional 2GB of data - $20

5GB(tethering included) - $50(rollover charge for each GB overage is


10GB(tethering included) -$90(rollover charge for each GB overage is


Somewhere between 90%-95% of US Cellular smartphone users, consume

less then 2GB of data

1-and-done Contracts are still in effect (Editors Note: I would be interested to find out if I switch to the new plans, will I need to sign a new two year, or is the fact that I'm currently on a Belief Plan good enough? That's one thing that could keep me off the new plans.)

New eligibility timer is a default of 22-Months vs. 18-Months currently

New Belief Plans will earn more Belief Points then current Belief

Plans. On the call they did say that customers will still be able to

upgrade around as soon as the current plans. They will just have to

spend the extra points they are earning to do so. (Editors Note: This is kind of what I was thinking - more points means upgrading sooner, so around the same time as it is currently.)

The new plans ARE going to be cheaper then current plans. They just

won't have the data already rolled into the package like it is

arranged currently. This is done so that Family Lines will have more

options. Example: Currently if a family of 4 is on a plan, and only 3

of those are smart phones. It would be the same price to them to be on

the Essential plan(no internet) w/ 3-data phones, as it would be to

have all 4 lines on the Essential Plus Plan (w/ Internet). The 4th

line doesn't need data, yet it isn't a price cut for it to not have

data either. (Editors Note: This makes sense. Essentially it could save me around $25 a month? I'm all for that.)

Motorola will be releasing the first Shock Resistant, and Water

Resistant Android Device for US Cellular in upcoming months. No

details on the specs yet. I would anticipate it to be a mid-range

Android. (Editors Note: We have had one agent tell us that the Motorola Defy popped up in his system the other day when he was activating a Motorola phone. Just because the current Moto Defy isn't 4G LTE doesn't mean it's not true.)

US Cellular is currently testing, meaning already developed. The

World's First Quad-Band 4G LTE Device. It is developed by Samsung, and

nothing more is known as far as the specs. The benefit of Quad-Band

however would be, that the device will have 4 frequencies of 4G LTE to

search for, vs the Current 2 frequencies. Basically this means as 4G

begins to spread, it's more likely w/ a quad-band phone that you'll be

on a 4G Network vs having to settle for 3G Coverage on your 4G LTE


4G LTE Will NOT cost more. It will be priced the same. Obviously

however the device has to be a 4G LTE Device

4G LTE is the only "Real 4G". Despite clever advertising, Verizon

Wireless was the only carrier in 2011 to offer "Real 4G". Sprint,

T-Mobile, and AT&T all claimed to have 4G last year, when in fact what

they had was 3G on steroids. Faster then 3G yes, but not near as fast

as 4G LTE. 4G LTE will be almost twice as fast as DSL, and can be

compared to the broadband speeds of Cable internet.

In early 2012, Sprint announced it will be launching 4G LTE coverage

to 6 different coverage areas by mid-2012

In early 2012 AT&T announced it will be launching 4G LTE coverage to 6

different coverage areas by Q1

In early 2012 US Cellular announced it will be launching 4G LTE to 6

different coverage areas by Q1, and plan to cover an additional 10

areas by the end of 2012.

T-Mobile is still on "fake" 4G

Currently US Cellular is set to launch 14 new devices by the end of

the year. Most of in which are going to be smart phones, that's an

average of 1-new smartphone device per month.

The chances of US Cellular getting an iPhone this year? Better then

any year previously. For one, the iPhone 5 will more likely be a 4G

LTE Phone. In Q4 of 2011, US Cellular stated "when the iPhone offers

'LTE' Technology, we will reconsider working with Apple". Also in Q4

of 2011 US Cellular lost most of their customer base. Which is when

the iPhone 4s was released. Also with that being said, know that US

Cellular's #1 goal for 2012 is to increase customer growth. Which

means they won't want to see a repeat of Q4 2011.

Another top goal Mary Dillon stated in our recent annual all company

get together. "Our goal is to get the latest smartphone technology, as

it becomes available" and "To get more smartphones from more

manufactures, to keep costs low, and more competitive".

The HTC Hero S is at End of Life as of last week. HTC was having

numerous reception issues, in which they could not seem to correct. So

US Cellular is pulling it from the shelves.

HTC Wildfire was announced End of Life some time back.

This leaves the HTC Merge as being the only HTC Android product...HTC

One-X anyone?


So that's it on our tip. To sum up, I think it's very possible that these new plans are going to save a majority of customers some money, while at the same time bring in more revenue to USCC from those who are heavy data consumers. If you're not sure how much data you consume, US Cellular has a tremendous new online data tracker (see our previous post about it). Head over there and see how much data you're consuming. Start now, track it through when the new plans launch, and see if the new plans would save you any money.

Keep in mind, there's been nothing said that customers will be FORCED (sorry for the caps, inside joke) to switch to the new plans. We have several USCC agents in the forums who have said that they have customers still on original USCC plans. In the past, USCC has not forced people to switch, so I don't see that happening now.



The launch of USCC’s flagship Samsung Galaxy SIII have most users content with their current phone selection (unless you are still holding out for that ever elusive iPhone).

What about those that have passed up on the GSIII and our waiting to see what is in store for the rest of 2012? Well, you are in luck (or not in luck depending on how you view this post).  Straight from the tip line and an anonymous source, a long list of new phones will be headed to USCC in the coming months.  For those with Android and looking for ICS, the tipster did not forget about you either.  Let’s get right into the info, because there is a lot of it.

Current phones expected to receive ICS later this year (If you follow the forums, these are not a surprise):


Samsung Galaxy SII



The long list of new phones: 



Huawei Ascend Y (September 2012) – Low Tier 3G

Android - Gingerbread

3.5” Display

3MP Camera




Alcatel One Touch Shockwave (September 2012) – Low Tier 3G


Water and Dust Resistant

Dragontrail (6x stronger than regular glass)

3.5” Display




Motorola Defy XT (July 2012) – Mid Tier 3G


Waterproof (up to 30 mins.) and dust resistant

Gorilla Glass

3.7” Display

5MP Camera

1GHz Processor

1700mAh battery



LG Splendor (September 2012 – USCC 1st in line for this phone) – Mid Tier 3G


4.3” Display

8.8mm Thin

Android – ICS

5MP Camera




Motorola Electrify 2 (August 2012) – High Tier 3G


4.3” Display

Dual Core 1.2GHz Processor

8MP Camera

VGA Front Camera

Android – ICS

SMARTACTIONS – turn certain functions including wifi, ringer, etc on and off automatically.

NOTE: Is this the previously talked about Motorola RAZR?? It definitely looks like the RAZR. Conflicting reports from previous post and sources suggesting that the Motorola RAZR coming was going to be 4G.




Samsung Metrix – (August 2012) – Mid Tier 4G


Slider with QWERTY

4” Super AMOLED

5MP Camera

1.3MP Front Camera

For the lovers of Windows, you were not left out:





ZTE Render (September 2012)


Windows 7.5 (sorry boys and girls, no windows 8 for you)

4” Display

1GHz Processor

Wi-Fi Hotspot

For those text messengers out there:



Alacatel One Touch (August 2012)


Messaging Plus: enhanced messaging device

Matched with specific $15 data plan


Custom made for USCC





LG Freedom (October 2012)


3” Display


2MP Camera

Captive Screen

There you have it readers.  Personally, after looking at that list, it’s hard to be impressed when the Samsung Galaxy SIII just launched and all the excitement is still in the air.  Those seeking mid level phones and QWERTY keyboards should be happy.  

Give us your thoughts on what could be the new phone lineup for the rest of 2012.  Remember, it’s not confirmed till it’s confirmed.



How many are scared just by the title? *raises hand*

I come before you tonight with some drastic changes set to begin April 1, 2013. From our trusty sources we bring you some pretty shocking news that I even wish I didn't have to report. How many of you save your points solely for upgrade accelerators because nothing else seems worth it? *raises hand* How many of you use a whole load of those points, like maybe 9,000-10,000 to bump that upgrade date quite a few months? *raises hand* How many of you are ready to NOT be able to do that anymore? *raises .... * Wait, WHAT!?!?!?

New rule: Limit of 4 months ONLY can you points to accelerate!

To recap that saga. Default upgrade timer used to be 18 months and US Cellular raised it to 22 months citing, plans received more points now so they can just use upgrade accelerators. Now, it is still 22 months timer, you can use upgrade accelerators but only 4 of them which now only gets you back to 18 months like it was in the beginning and we can't use any more points to go less than 18 months.

*Off the head thought, maybe you can only use 4 months per redeem time. Meaning, redeem 4 months, wait 3 months, then redeem 4 more months. Make sense to anyone?*

Official announcement inside My Account: Important Information: Changes to the Rewards Program beginning on April 15.

Beginning 4/15/13, the Device Upgrade Accelerator will increase to 1,750 points per month and allow up to 4 months of upgrading early per eligible line. Scroll down to the Device & Rewards section below to check your Reward points balance and see when each of your lines is eligible

If not, how many have realized this just pushed that S4 out of your upgrade window?

So, who's ready to kill the messenger yet? You? Curly hair over there? Angry wife clear in the other room that you're reading this to? Yea... not my fault. I just report it. Guess what!?!? I still have more news but I will not continue until all assault weapons and angry wives/husbands are locked away. Thank you.

Now... the sarcasm2.pngBETTERsarcasm2.png news. Who enjoyed when upgrade accelerators only cost 1,000 points per month? *shoots hand up* Who liked when it went up to 1,300 points per month? *cricket, cricket* Who is going to be ECSTATIC when it goes up to 1,750 per month to upgrade? *ducks into bomb shelter*

I wish I could even say this is an early April Fool's joke. Seriously. As I said, this is all slated to begin April 1, 2013! I don't even have any positive points to this to be quite honest. Let us know your thoughts below. As always, we'll report more details as we receive them.

3/18/13 - Added official statements



I’m in a rhyming kind of mood today. If you haven’t heard, a company named Apple launched a new phone this afternoon. It was a pretty big deal. iPhone 5 is the device name.

A story about the Apple iPhone on the front page of TeamUSCellular blog you ask? Uncharted territories, I know. I’m feeling a little courageous.

First, the continuous leaks pretty much nailed it on the head. Not much was a surprise at this afternoons unveiling. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, stated at D10 conference that “we’re [Apple] is going to double down on secrecy on products.” Obviously he meant after the iPhone 5 was revealed.

Let’s get to the specs for those technical geeks!


  • Glass and Aluminum outer body in Black/Slate or White/Silver.
  • 7.6mm thick; a full 18% thinner than the iPhone 4s.
  • 112 grams; 20% lighter than the Galaxy S III.
  • 4” Retina Display – width is still the same, but the phone is a tad taller to accomplish this.
  • Retina Display at 1136x640, this translates into 326ppi
  • Longer screen = additional 5th row of apps
  • The ratio puts the display as close to 16:9 when held horizontally


  • A6 processor; 22 percent smaller than the dual core A5
  • 1GB RAM
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n (dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • LTE (we’ll have more on this in a moment)
  • nanoSIM card (yes, Apple is redefining the SIM card)
  • 16GB/32GB/64GB internal storage options

Other features:

  • Primary Camera: 8 megapixel sensor with a 5 element lens and f/2.4 aperture for you camera nerds!

o Panoramic Shooting (effectively providing a 28 megapixel photo)

o 40% increase in shutter speed

o 1080p video recording
  • Secondary Camera: 1.2 megapixel at 30fps (720p and hi res Facetime chats)
  • Facetime over cellular
  • Microphone upgrade which should improve voice quality on networks that support it.
  • New dock connector called…wait for it….Lightning!! (Apple will be charging $29 for an adapter for devices using the older connection….Apple sure does know how to suck every last cent out of their customers.)
  • 8 hours talk time on 4G (LTE); 10 hours using WiFi

What the phone didn’t have:

  • NFC (Apple says it’s not clear that this will be the standard going forward. AKA we can add this to the next iteration)

Phil Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing said, “iPhone 5 is the most beautiful consumer devise that we’ve created. We’ve packed an amazing amount of innovation and advanced technology into a thin and light, jewel-like device with a stunning 4-inch Retina display, blazing fast A6 chip, ultrafast wireless, even longer battery life; and we think the customers are going to love it.” Android users just puked (and I know there are a lot of you in the forums). Can't we all just get along?

I’d like to touch on the LTE a bit. Back in November, 2011, US Cellular turned down the Apple iPhone 4s. At the time it did not make economical sense to the company. Later, in December, it was learned that the iPhone would be considered if it had ”cutting edge” technology (interpret as LTE). Today, we have the iPhone 5, which will offer LTE on various bands. I was curious to see if any of those bands are what USCC currently utilizes, 700/850/1700/1900MHz. Here is what I found:

iPhone 5 CDMA Model

  • 2100MHz
  • 1800MHz
  • 850MHz
  • 700cMHz
  • 1900MHz

I believe that the 700MHz that USCC utilizes is of the A variety, but 850MHz matches up. Does it prove anything? No. Does it put a little hope out there? Absolutely.

So what does Christmas have to do with this? A lot actually. An anonymous little birdie tipped TUSCC with some tantalizing information. Remember, it isn’t official till USCC says so.

  • Expect a launch of the iPhone 5 on USCC!!
  • When: expect it around the holidays (Santa will be busy)

The next details are sketchy and, from a business perspective, would alienate a whole lot of customers.

  • Initial launch in 4G areas only with Iowa being first as this is where most of the testing occurs.

Honestly, I can’t see that last tidbit happening. Customers in areas where 4G is not expected soon (Chicago I’m talking to you) would be outraged! USCC would benefit from launching in 3G only areas as well.

Thanks Anonymous for that information, I’m sure there are a few happy USCC customers out there that have been flooding USCC’s facebook page with nonstop “When is the iPhone coming to USCC?” comments.



We have solid info that the following updates are to be released on USC "VERY SOON" OTA:

(Sooner than the "Coming Months" killjoy)

Ice Cream Sandwich - Galaxy S2


Jelly Bean - Galaxy S3


Multi-Window Display - Note 2


In addition to these, VERY welcomed updates, the Electrify M will also be getting an OTA update (some already did) to fix the PRL issue.

-this will be updated as soon as info comes in - IF info comes sooner than the update,


It's here! Yea, you're going to say, "But, it's not December 19th!" I don't care. Thanks to our amazing team and supporters here it is a week early!

While there are some minor UI changes, tweaks, etc. the major changes are under the hood. Below is a list of major changes:

  • Soft buttons from Android 3.x are now available for use on phones
  • Separation of widgets in a new tab, listed in a similar manner to apps
  • Easier-to-create folders, with a drag-and-drop style
  • A customizable launcher
  • Improved visual voicemail with the ability to speed up or slow down voicemail messages
  • Pinch-to-zoom functionality in the calendar
  • Integrated screenshot capture (accomplished by holding down the Power and Volume-Down buttons)
  • Improved error correction on the keyboard
  • Ability to access apps directly from lock screen
  • Improved copy and paste functionality
  • Better voice integration and continuous, real-time speech to text dictation
  • Face Unlock, a feature that allows users to unlock handsets using facial recognition software
  • New tabbed web browser under Google's Chrome brand, allowing up to 16 tabs
  • Automatic syncing of browser with users' Chrome bookmarks
  • A new typeface family for the UI, Roboto
  • Data Usage section in settings that lets users set warnings when they approach a certain usage limit, and disable data use when the limit is exceeded
  • Ability to shut down apps that are using data in the background
  • Improved camera app with zero shutter lag, time lapse settings, panorama mode, and the ability to zoom while recording
  • Built-in photo editor
  • New gallery layout, organized by location and person
  • Refreshed "People" app with social network integration, status updates and hi-res images
  • Android Beam, a near-field communication feature allowing the rapid short-range exchange of web bookmarks, contact info, directions, YouTube videos and other data
  • Support for the WebP image format[52]
  • Hardware acceleration of the UI[63]
  • Wi-Fi Direct[64]
  • 1080p video recording for stock Android devices



Early Upgrades!


Approximately 250,000 customers will receive a promotional offer to upgrade early, without using rewards points. This will give loyal customers a special early upgrade offer as we introduce new iconic devices.

Event Date

Customers will receive a communication on November 8th.

This early-upgrade offer will be valid through 12/31/13.

Targeted Customers

1. A targeted portion of out-of-contract, not-upgrade-eligible postpaid consumers (single line and family plans) flagged as “high risk to churn” who are at least 6 months into their equipment timer

2. All out-of-contract, not-upgrade-eligible Auto Pay customers who are at least 6 months into their upgrade timer.

Sorry I didn't get this out sooner but it sounds like customers (including myself) have gotten this promotion sent to them already. US Cellular is offering these upgrades to quite a few of their loyal customers! Really not much else to say. Here's the email I received:


Keep in mind at the very bottom it does say new 2 year agreement is required. There will also be a $35 activation fee. However, looks like both of our lines are eligible if I read correctly and we still each had 11 months left to fulfill. I'll take the agreement and activation fee (maybe?) if they'll let me upgrade 11 months early and use no points. Now, just to decide what I want to upgrade to.

What do you all think? Have you received this offer? Do you plan on taking advantage of it? Tell us below!


blog-0220402001386375809.jpgWell, just a few weeks after Thanksgiving it appears we've received the Christmas pricing from an anonymous tipster! For all of you disappointed that the Moto X was not in Thanksgiving special, fret no more! That and quite a few other devices will be free. Let's take a look:

Free (New/Upgrade/Add a Line)

$99 (New/Upgrade/Add a Line)

$.01 with Points

Moto X (6800)

Motorola Electrify M (6800)

Samsung ATIV Odyssey (6800)

Samsung Galaxy Mega (7500)

Samsung Galaxy S4 (7500)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (6800)

That pretty much covers the major devices. Sadly, no deals on the Samsung Galaxy Note III. Attached is the full document as well in case there's a device I missed that you'd be interested in. Anyone looking to take advantage of this sale? I know my family will be getting 2 Moto X's. Let's hear your choices below!

***Beginning December 12th, all customers currently on a Rewards eligible plan will receive 5000 Rewards points per account. Additionally, beginning Friday, December 13th, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5C (16GB) all colors will be lowered to 5000 Reward points.***



This will be short and sweet but I got official Black Friday prices as follows:

Window Pro 7 - $100 after rebate

HTC Hero S - $100 after rebate

HTC Merge - $80 after rebate

Motorola Electrify - $100 after rebate

Blackberry Curve, Samsung Mesmerize, Samsung Repp - ALL free after rebate

Blackberry Bold and Torch - $100 after rebate

HTC Wildfire and LG Optimus - FREE instantly

PCD Wrangler - $20 instantly

Samsung Character - FREE instantly

Motorola Quantico - $100 instantly

LG Wine and Attune - $20 instantly

LG Genesis - $50 after rebate

These are official and from very reliable and confidential source. What do you all think? Any new phone in your future? Let us know below!

John Vincent


Yesterday we got a tip in giving us a little more info on the upcoming tiered data plans. This one included a launch date, slightly different info on the prices, and some details regarding benefits included in the plans. Keep in mind that until US Cellular makes it official, these are just leaks (but we like rumors, so keep 'em coming!). With that in mind, keep on reading after the break for all the details.

Let's get right to it - the tip we received included a launch date of May 1 for the new tiered data plans. Whether or not this is going to correspond with the launch of 4G LTE or not remains to be seen. However, the way things are going, it very well could line up.

Some changing benefits:

According to our tipster, equipment discounts are going to be changing from every 18 months to ever 22 months. Yeah, I don't like it either. It has been cool to be able to use Belief Points to upgrade my wife's phone after only 9 months. However, we're hearing that the "earn rates" for Belief Points will be higher on the new plans. In a way, that only makes sense since you're going to be spending more for your plans. So maybe it will pretty much even itself out.

Finally, our tipster tells us that our previous article about the tiered data rates is slightly off. While we're not discounting either tip or the people the tips come from, keep in mind these are rumors. Until we hear official word from USCC, it's all rumors. I say this because in the past, our comment section gets filled with people blowing gaskets - please don't have a heart attack over a rumor. Take it for what it is, and we'll see what happens.

The info we received yesterday says that our previous mention of the 4GB plan for $35 is actually going to be the 2GB plan for $25, with tethering and an extra 2GB for an extra $20/month. Which makes the 4GB plan $45, not $35. If you're a heavy data user, you might as well spend an extra $5/month and get the 5GB plan with tethering included. This actually sounds more realistic than a 4GB plan for $35 with tethering. Also, keep in mind that as far as we know, these will be the prices whether your phone/data is 4G LTE or 3G.

So there you have it; more grist for the rumor mill. Feel free to sound off in the comment section; we love it when our readers get involved. Also, if you get a good tip, send it on in; we appreciate getting a heads up.


Well, I was just bombarded with some information. Some pretty good info if comes true in my opinion. We all know new devices are coming (duh?), it's just when and what devices. Well, let's start with the first one:

Samsung Galaxy S III



  • 4.8" HD Super AMOLED
  • NFC Technology
  • 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB internal storage options
  • 1.9 MP Front Camera, 8 MP Back

***This one is only backed up by Samsung listing US Cellular on the drop-down menu. No sources have confirmed this device yet.***

The devices below were sent in by an anonymous source. Our sources have usually been right on the money when submitted through our site. Read on....

ZTE Render



  • 1.2GHz dual-core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 16 GB storage
  • 2 MP Front Camera, 5 MP Back
  • Android 3.2 Honeycomb

Huawei Skyfire

No picture or specs found.... not surprising as the Ascend was just as hard to find before released.




  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3.7" Screen
  • 4 GB Internal Storage
  • 5 MP Back Camera (no Front Camera?)
  • HTC Sense 4.0

I know the biggest device everyone has been wanting is the HTC One V. Well, sounds like we might be in line for it. What do you all think? Too high-end? Too low-end? Will we even see any of these? Let the debates begin!


blog-0754921001361819682.jpgYou all remember that quote, right? We seem to hear it quite a bit nowadays and it always seem to be true. Well, US Cellular is living right up to that quote in true fashion. I come to you today with 2 pretty substantial changes that I'm sure will get the community talking (at least I hope so.) Without further delay....

Battery Swaps Program disappearing!


  1. Not cost efficient
  2. Batteries not being used (really?)
  3. 15% of all customers only used the program

Now, those seem to be the official reasons we are hearing but I think we can all think of a few others. For example, the Motorola Electrify M does not have a removable battery so that customer base can't even take advantage of it. Maybe that is becoming the new norm? Oh, sorry... forgot to mention that as we all know, that pesky iPhone has no removable battery as well. Looks like just another company change to gear up for that bombshell. What do you say?

Upgrade Fees rising!

Yep, that's right! That lovely $30/per phone charge that you see when you grab that hottest (haha) device and activate it at a retail store. No word on how much that new price will be or what NEW reasons we'll hear on why it is increasing. We've heard everything from "that charge covers us helping you with questions when you come back in" all the way up to "that fee is helping us bring you a faster and larger 4G coverage!"

So, that's the latest news I'm being told. I'm not too torn up about Battery Swap going away as I never had to use it personally. However, even larger upgrade fees just makes upgrades even harder than they are now. Sure, they are offering more BOGO deals it seems but that second one is really not FREE since they charge that upgrade fee now. What do you all think? How many more changes can you/we bare to see? Let us know below!


Well, not only did we just hear them announced but we can now officially start with prices! Thanks to our anonymous sources, here we go!


Here it is! And by my quick comparisons, EXACTLY like Verizon. However, it looked like Verizon only let me add 5 devices to a shared plan.

Also, there are new Reward Points over on Verizon. As the screenshot says - ALL plans include Unlimited Voice and Texts now too.


Here's the MRC's (monthly recurring charge) I talked about:


You MUST add at least one device to have a Shared Plan. I reported wrong earlier thinking this meant you needed to add an extra device. Instead, this was the most redundant line I have EVER seen in a US Cellular document. Of course you have to add a device to have a plan. Thanks for the reminder USCC!

And finally....


Shared Data Only! You can take advantage of these prices on your hot spots, tablets, and modems with no need for a voice plan. This actually looks very tempting for an internet option if you only use it once and awhile or on the go. I like it but who am I to say.

What do you think? It seems like sources were correct with it looking exactly like Verizon. However, I still enjoy that we can add 10 devices now. Also, the reward points. I know many are losing faith in that but I think US Cellular is working to find rewards that will ACTUALLY be used - including the option to now use points as partial credits. Anyways, will you switch to any of these? Let's hear it!


Christmas 2012 Prices!

It's that time again! Here is the Christmas sale prices from US Cellular for 2012!

3G Markets

  • HTC OneV - $50 - INSTANT
  • LG Splendor - $50 - INSTANT
  • Motorola Defy - $50 - INSTANT
  • ZTE Render - $50 - INSTANT
  • Motorola Electrify 2 - $100 - INSTANT(BOGO)
  • Motorola Electrify M - $150 - INSTANT(BOGO)
  • Galaxy S2 Both Colors - $100 - INSTANT(BOGO)
  • Galaxy S3 Both Colors 16GB - $150 - INSTANT
  • Galaxy S3 32GB - $179.99 - INSTANT
  • Galaxy Note II - $299.99 - INSTANT

4G Markets

  • HTC OneV - $79.99 - INSTANT
  • LG Splendor - $79.99 - INSTANT
  • Motorola Defy - $99.99 - INSTANT
  • ZTE Render - $50 - INSTANT
  • Motorola Electrify 2 - $149.99 - INSTANT(BOGO)
  • Motorola Electrify M - $79.99 - INSTANT(BOGO)
  • Galaxy Axiom - FREE - INSTANT
  • Galaxy S Aviator - FREE - INSTANT
  • Galaxy S2 Both Colors - $129.99 - INSTANT(BOGO)
  • Galaxy S3 Both Colors 16GB - $99.99 - INSTANT
  • Galaxy S3 32GB - $129.99 - INSTANT
  • Galaxy Note II - $299.99 - INSTANT

Doesn't look like too bad of a sale. Nothing spectacular but a few more options over the Thanksgiving promo. What do you all think? Anybody special getting a new phone for Christmas?