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[Review] Cutting ZEDGE Technology!



blog-0266768001357450285.jpgWhen I hear of an app that contains "awesome ringtones" or "HD Wallpapers!" I immediately think spyware. Fortunately for me, during my search for quality wallpapers for my US Cellular Galaxy S3, it was recommended that I give Zedge a try. According to the Zedge's description on Google Play, "you'll be able to seamlessly download free, high quality Ringtones, Notification Sounds, HD Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers optimized for your device." Well, I put that statement to the test.


I was pleasantly surprised at the sheer amount and stunning quality of the wallpapers that Zedge contains. Personally, I like minimal or darker wallpapers, ones that aren't so loud and bright. You're given the option to search for wallpapers using specific keywords typed in, or to also filter by the most downloaded of all time, this month, or last month. You can also filter wallpapers by category. Within minutes I had found several wallpapers that I liked, downloaded them, and applied them as my wallpaper all using Zedge. It was a very user friendly and satisfying process. One complaint I have is based on the fact that they state the wallpapers are optimized for your device. There were several wallpapers I downloaded and applied, that looked stretched or distorted on my screen. That is a minor complaint though, as many of them looked great. I was also able to go back in and view the wallpapers I've downloaded, and even choose an option to have Zedge automatically change my wallpaper at preselected intervals using the wallpapers I downloaded.

Zedge also has categories for Live Wallpapers, Ringtones, Notification sounds and even games. I was able to find a few clips of current songs that were easily applied to my phone as a default ringtone. It also gave me the option to set it as a specific contact's ringtone, all through the app without going into my phones settings. This was the same for a notification sound I found. While I haven't found a reason to download the games through Zedge, it did show me all the games I had installed under the Downloads section, where it also showed me the wallpapers/notification sounds/ringtones I had downloaded.

After playing around with this app for a couple hours, not realizing how much time had gone by, I was amazed by the usefulness of this app. Previously I've spent hours searching for wallpapers I like on forums like XDA while on my phone, which can be a challenging task to say the least. This app brings simplicity to such tasks, finding new, QUALITY wallpapers and ringtones is easy now! I expected to be bombarded by ads, and possibly push notification ads showing up, and was pleased to find that the only ads were in the app itself and were not in the way - tucked nicely below the UI (see below). Additionally, I was (at first) not going to consider changing ringtones or notification sounds, since downloading this app I have already gone through several. It even has some options to recover your downloaded items after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If you're like me and have a new wallpaper every day, this app makes this process much simpler and more fun. I recommend it to anyone who loves new wallpapers like I do!

-Adam Bliss

Enthusiastic Member of forums and Android lover!

USC Galaxy S3

"This is purely my opinion of this app as an individual, and not an endorsement from This app was reviewed based on my own opinions while using it on my US Cellular Galaxy S3. Any further questions or comments can be sent to me at"

Link to the app:


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I have been using this program since I first got my mesmerize about 2 and a half years ago.  It is one of the first programs I installed on my SG3.  I love that you can register/login and make backups of what you had downloaded.

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Definitely not what I expected.  It is a very useful tool, and will also become one of the first programs I install after a ROM flash on my SGS3.

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