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New Discount - Veteran's



blog-0925954001359146142.gifEverybody deserves a discount once and awhile. I strongly believe these groups of Americans deserve a discount even the most and apparently US Cellular does as well. A quick tip came in today that this discount will be rolling out as early as next week. Very few details but we did manage to get a few:

  • 10%-15% - not sure which at this time
  • Eligible on base plan only. Cannot be applied to add-ons to the account.
  • Single or Family plans eligible
  • Will need verified by discharge papers, American Legion papers, VFW papers, etc

While it's nothing spectacular in my opinion it is definitely a nice gesture and recognition coming from US Cellular. What do you all think? Any veterans among us here? Thank you from all of us here at TeamUSCellular!


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It is a 15% discount on single line plans $49.95 and up or family plans $69.99 and up for all veterans of the 5 branches. Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Air Force. These individuals are the most deserving of a discount. Thank you dearly for your service and sacrifices ladies and gentlemen.

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As an Air Force veteran, I thank USCC for this discount. I wonder if it would be advantageous of me to get the veterans discount of 15% if it only applies to the base plan, or the 10% I receive from my present employer off the entire plan. Plus, I wonder if the 5% auto pay discount is also tacked on to the veteran's discount. At least I will never lose my veteran status. :-)

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I Figured they already did that but really Glad they are doing it now. My Dad is a firefighter so he gets a 15% discount which on a family plan of 6 people does a whole lot

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The discount is off the entire plan for the older PLUS plans, however it's off of just the talk+text portion of the BPE plans. Even more reason those PLUS plans were awesome. I wish they'd bring em back. 

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