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Samsung Galaxy S 2 Update



blog-0950599001359418370.jpgWell, it seems this device is not quite down for the count yet. Wait, or is it? That's neither here nor there. It seems Samsung and US Cellular have worked out an update with a short update change log. No really, SHORT. See below:

  • Fixed popping noise on calls
  • Added Samsung Enhancements

Yep, that's the official change log from what I'm told. As for Samsung Enhancements, that's anybody's guess. Our source saw no changes cosmetically or any other obvious changes. This update will also be availabe soon from Samsung and US Cellular in a Simple Update Tool but to get ahead of the crowd feel free to grab the download below and flash through ODIN. This will factory reset the device but neither internal or external storage will be wiped. Let us know what you think or if you're even going to bother with the update! Have you even experienced the "popping noise"?



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I'm intrigued by "added Samsung enhancements" and I was going to go back to stock anyways. I think I will update later today

 Awesome.  If you can, please post any differences you notice and fill us in on what exactly these "Samsung enhancements" are.  Good luck, and thank you!

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well as far as i can tell it is the same. i have not looked at everything but performance and features seem to be unchanged. maybe what was meant was a fix the the "exynos exploit". the timing is right for that but the wording seems to mean something else. no harm done for me I was on a custom rom and was going back to stock in the coming weeks

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I used exynos to root my stock firmware and remove the bloatware, but if I can get visual voicemail and call log integration with the google voice app, I might be willing to give up root.... Otherwise I am keeping my phone just like it is..

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On the Galaxy S3 when it was first released (and with every other ICS phone I have been able to put my hands on) if you open the Dialer app and then go to settings, there is an option for visual voicemail and I "THINK" this is where the google voice app integration comes into play, but on the initial ICS release for the GS2, this option is not there, but my HTC One V that I have for work DOES have the Visual Voicemail option under the dialer app settings.

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I didn't want to create a new thread, but I saw that the Jelly Bean update has started rolling out for some GS2's.  What's the chance you think we will get the update?

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