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Top 5 Free Android Games!



TOP 5 Games Review

The idea for this article came when I looked through my Games folder on my Galaxy S3. One of the things I noticed was that I have bought and paid for several "expensive" games (i.e. Modern Combat 4, Chaos Rings, Asphalt 7, and Order and Chaos), yet I rarely EVER play them. So I decided to put together a list of the games I commonly play, and usually install or restore from Titanium Backup immediately upon flashing a new ROM. These games vary as far as style and gameplay, but they follow a pattern of being free, simple to play, and extremely addictive!

Words with Friends Free

Ok, so everyone has heard of this game far too many times, but I have to say, I love it. I have 5-10 friends that I don't see often, but am able to "keep in touch" via losing horribly to them in this addictive game. It is a lot of fun, and it never gets old for me. Plus, it's FREE!



Bike Race Free

This simple, yet extremely addictive game, has been in the top charts on Google Play's Top Free Games for a VERY long time. The game isn't that long, but it can be difficult, and even after beating it multiple times I still replay it again and again. It recently received an update that includes a new multiplayer mode where you are able to challenge friends or random opponents to beat your times.



Angry Birds / Angry Birds Star Wars

Alright, another game that everyone already knows about, but I had to mention it. Especially since there is a new Star Wars version that adds new excitement to an older game. This game follows the pattern I mentioned earlier. It is simple and very addictive. I've beaten the original game a multitude of times, yet I still install it on every fresh ROM I flash. There is no multiplayer, but the game is difficult enough that you may even have to use the vast amount of walkthroughs available for this game online!



Flow Free

When you first load this game, you may wonder why I've included it. At first it will seem very easy. You connect the colors in a way that fills up the entire screen. But as you progress to later levels, where the grid becomes 8x8, 9x9 and 10x10, you'll realize that this "simple" puzzle game has a few tricks up it's sleeve. Be warned, it is one of the more addictive games I'm including on this list.



Cut The Rope FULL FREE

This game reminds me slightly of Where's My Water, which I would've included in this list if it had a FULL free version available. You must get the candy, which is suspended on a rope, into Om Nom's mouth. Various obstacles are added to keep this game fresh throughout the 325 levels currently available. I played it non stop until I beat it, and have since continued to play it over and over. Great game, that is now free thanks to being supported by ads.



Honorable Mentions

I thought I would mention a couple games that I have played that were fun and free, but for some reason I did not latch onto as I did the above games.


A very fun, visually stunning Zombie shooter that is a blast to check out (if your phone can handle it).

Frontline Commando

A 3rd person arcade shooter that I enjoyed for the 30 minutes or so I played it. Decent graphics as well for a free game!

Ruzzle Free

Too new for me to include in the list above, but I have been enjoying the quick paced gameplay. It's almost exactly like Scramble with Friends, but for various reasons has become highly popular recently, surpassing Scramble and Words with Friends on the charts.

Dice with Buddies

Ever play Yahtzee as a kid? Enjoy the social aspects added to the popular dice game, making it a similar experience to Words with Friends and Ruzzle.

Trial Xtreme 3

Another fun motorcycle game, similar to Bike Race but with much better graphics. The only reason it wasn't included above, is because I frequently notice lag while playing it. Hoping they fix that issue soon.

Go ahead and comment below with your favorite free games that you continuously play. This was a short list of some of my favorites. Later on I will put together a list of lesser known, fun free games, and also my favorite paid games! Thanks for reading!

Adam Bliss

Des Moines, IA

US Cellular Galaxy S3 - (SCH-R530U)

This article includes my personal opinion of my favorite, free games available for android. All games were played on my US Cellular Galaxy S3. My opinions are my own, and not the views of


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Flow Free is awesome. And it's a great family game. I play it yet so can my 4 year old. Great brain teaser and add you said definitely addicting. While it's not free, I'd also recommend Where's Perry? Is basically the same as Where's my Water? It is another game that is challenging enough for adults top enjoy but can be played by kids as well.

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atronin: i will check that out, sounds cool!


pistolpetefan23:  Flow Free is awesome isn't it!  my 3 year old likes to play it.  Also, I didn't realize it until after this article, but Where's My Perry does have a full free version that's ad supported.  If you don't mind ads.

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