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Tip Line: 2 New Updates Coming July 9th



blog-0513206001373283147.jpgOnce again our secret squirrels are blowing up the Tip Line with more news and information exclusive to Team U.S. Cellular members.

2 new updates coming out July 9th.

The first is for the Samsung Galaxy S4 which includes the Group Play tethering issue fix, second for the Kyocera Durapro.

What is addressed in this S4 Maintenance Release (MR)?

  • Google Wallet
  • Addressed Group Play issueo Will not require tethering package to use Group Play
  • E-Mail preview did not update after downloading
  • Update Synchronoss TEDC app (v1.3.0.8)o Address issue with USC tethering continuing after trial
  • Updated Wi-Fi Now application (v4.5.69)
  • Help application being updated to add: Camera / Motion / Airview



  • My Contacts Backup added (version 3.0 207)
  • ECONZ Timecard Application added (Version 2.3.11)
  • Open API solution for ringtones/MP3 download of non DRM protected content from o
  • No side loading or Bluetooth option is supported.
  • Implemented FOTA requirements for future MR if needed
  • Device fails to attach picture from SD card via email client only from device memory


Thanks to our AMAZING Tipsters for getting us this info!


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If you just want Google Wallet on your GS4, here is a great how-to video. I did it this past weekend, and it works perfectly. It does require you to root, but that's reward enough by itself :)


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Nice S4 update but still no apps to SD? Oh well...Wallet is a great addition finally.

I need this so I can play my Vice City


Apps to SD is of the biggest factors of me not having an S4 yet as I have a ~few~ large games...technically my upgrade isn't until September so I'm still holding out until then for hopes of a 32GB even though it's kind of doubtful but I'm hopeful and hoping I can save some points on the early upgrade just in case it does happen to come around.

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