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[App Review][Game]AVP: Evolution

McDaddy Tree


($4.99 on Play Store)


Here comes another game review. This time it's Aliens Vs. Predators: Evolution another MOGA compatible game and definitely a joy to play. You get to play both as you go through level after level of destruction as well as a few side missions all of which add up to give you hours of play time. Besides having controller support that honestly works really well out of the box I love (as always) that this game includes the wonderful addition of Google's Play Games achievements because honestly I'm a sucker for achievements. I've played this game a lot and while I haven't perfected it yet I've gotten more points than I know what to do with but some of the achievements include getting all the side missions completed on hard which I'm still working on but have a slew of other games that keep me sidetracked.


Nothing against this game as it's amazing but every game I have keeps me sidetracked from another as it's a vicious cycle but this game does indeed remain in that cycle and sometimes I play missions just to replay them. As you go through levels you are able to buy more abilities, weapons, armor pieces, gadgets, etc which help you in your endeavor of defeating the aliens or predators or humans.


The game was developed very nicely and has played well on my S2, S4 and Note 3 and while the graphics aren't mind-blowing they are nothing to complain about. I've even played a few times without a controller and while I'm not a fan I had to give it a go just to see how it is and it's not cumbersome at all and those whom don't use controllers will find this game a delight to play especially if you're a fan of the Aliens or Predators series or of AVP. I did get the game quite a while back while it was on sale but would have gladly paid full price as I've played it more than enough to make up for the price as I'm sure anyone else will. So go check it out in the Play Store and grab your copy and get to slaying away hours and the game and I hope you enjoy as much as I have.

Au revoir,



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