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[App Review][Game]Dead Trigger 2

McDaddy Tree


(Free with In App Purchases )

MADFINGER Games does it again with the newest installment of Dead Trigger which not only holds true to the amazing work of the original but most certainly surpasses it and keep going as they continue to update Dead Trigger 2. I know I've reviewed the original and it was great but is meager and squandered by that of the second iteration so much so that the original has been deleted off all my devices and has been replaced by DT2 which like many of my favorites has achievements and controller support (MOGA Pro is what I use) but it also has the ability to create an account which will sync your save data so you're not left fretting if you change devices.

The big no-no of many people looking into apps is the IAP's (In App Purchases) but in this game it honestly doesn't hinder it although I think some of the wait times of weapon building could be faster I've never felt like I needed to buy anything although I have. I saw that there was a permanent double money boost which I believe was $2.99 and I had some spare credits on the Play Store so I went for it and it's helped but wasn't truly necessary to enjoy the game.


You begin first thing into a mission which is relatively easy and once completed you go to your "base" which is where everything outside of missions happens. This is where you eventually build up your guns, special weapons, health packs etc as well as your "tech" so that your medic, gunsmith, engineer and smuggler "workers" can be upgraded and therefore your gear can be upgraded to give you more of what you need to survive the apocalypse while you help out the "Resistance" to fight off the hordes and relinquish the undead's stronghold on each city.


There are several different mission types. Some are for the sake of the story line and there is no need to worry about running out of that as each update adds more story line but there's also a smaller plot line of going to each city and ridding the city of the walkers by doing a plethora of style of jobs each of which counts towards different achievements as does using different weapon types. There are currently 8 different missions that can be played:


"Operations" involve performing several tasks within a time frame.

"Escort" missions you find a survivor and help bring them back.

"Defend" is exactly as it protect yourself until an extraction team comes to get you.

"Sentinel" missions place you in front of an entrance which you must keep the undead from entering and you get 2 freebies but you lose if a third enters the entrance before you can kill them.

"Supply - Run" is another obviously named mission where you must find several resources and bring them back to a central location one at a time.

"Seek & Destroy" is a mission where you must seek out blaring speakers going by a noise meter and destroy them.

"Assault" is a mission of absolute destruction and murder. You are given a goal of so many undead you must make dead once again and once you clear that number you're good to go.

"Power - Run" is a mission of finding fuel tanks and refilling a generator until it is filled again.

These missions can now be played out on several continents in several countries going city to city although as each city is cleared you get special perks and it's closed forever as far as I can tell. Although even after each city is cleared you can play some side missions in places including: the USA, Northern Africa, China and currently the all the players are working the way through the European Union.

The story line starts in the US and goes to Africa followed by China which is where the main plot currently has stopped until the next update which I cannot wait for but until then I'll keep plugging away at the cities building up my kill count stats and my hideout rankings. I have as I do most games play a few rounds without the controller to see how it would work for everyone and it's nice. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is fluid. The AI that you have in some missions that are by your side could be a little smarter as they will just stand there getting hit and won't move very fast so make sure to keep an eye on them. Other than that I've been loving and playing my fingers to the absolute bone with this game more than any of the others on my list of current games I'm digging. So grab your device and make sure to have only about 500 MB's of space on your device and be ready for hours of fun.

Au revoir,



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