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President Obama is ditching his Blackberry for a LG or a Samsung Smartphone!



President Obama is a little behind in the mobile tech world. He owns and uses an Apple iPad, but his smartphone is a Blackberry. Blackberry's were decent phones a few years ago, but are soon becoming outdated in this day and age.

The White House and Obama are looking to upgrade soon. They are said to be looking at LG or Samsung smartphones. Blackberry is probably saddened hearing this. Samsung and LG however are probably fighting over Obama to use their phones. It could be excellent advertising for them too. I'm not sure why the White House decided not to go the Apple route, but I think it's cool they want to try something new.

Obama and the White House are saying the upgrade is "months away" but, I could definitely see Obama rocking a Galaxy S5 or a LG G3 later this year! What do you think? Think Samsung will win with the addition of Knox?


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