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U.S. Cellular World Phones for 2014



With months of speculation the iPhone in all variants has now been officially announced as having world phone capability. This is the first time since the HTC Merge U.S. Cellular has introduced a world phone to their lineup.


At last an official confirmation of the phones capability for international roaming utilizing GSM networks has been released. Thankfully it appears there is no requirement to reset your device with the new international sim card installed.

This is a huge boon to U.S. Cellular as the world increasingly becomes more globally interconnected. It’s high time U.S. Cellular stepped up to the plate and gave users the option to own a world phone as opposed to paying prices ranging from three dollars a day to simply have your phone on in say Canada on top of the $1.99 per minute surcharge. Even utilizing Google Voice, users are still at the mercy of Wi-Fi access as currently U.S. Cellular has confirmed they have zero data roaming agreements within Canada and the likes.

“All iPhone models sold by U.S. Cellular are capable of roaming on international GSM networks and do not need to be unlocked by U.S. Cellular for this purpose. To roam on an international GSM network, the customer should purchase a pre-paid SIM card (also known as a “SIM only plan”) in their destination country from a GSM service provider that supports iPhone.

Voice, text, and data capabilities are SIM card dependent. Customers should be directed to check with their international GSM service provider to determine which services are supported by the service provider’s SIM card. SIM Cards for North American GSM networks will not work in the iPhone models sold by U.S. Cellular; these SIM cards will not provide international roaming capability.”

This is an extremely beneficial move for U.S. Cellular as they struggle to maintain their edge in an increasingly global world, even if it took the heavy hand of Apple to reintroduce world phones to U.S. Cellular for 2014.


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