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AppSales [App Review]

McDaddy Tree


If you're like me and love apps but also like saving money then this app is for you. It's super easy to use and the benefits area great. AppSales has a website to go alongside their app so you can always check whether on your Android device or on a PC. A few updates back they added a much needed feature with their wish list which is Google sync to easily bring your list across devices. Wish list is a feature in which you can share an app from the Play Store to AppSales and it will watch for that app to go on sale for any bit. Other than that you can set filters for AppSales to search for apps on sale minimum discount or minimum downloads as well as set 33 different categories. Also don't forget to set the notifications to be reminded of sales. It's a completely free app and over the past year it's definitely saved me a few bucks. So if you like to save money and play with new apps go to the Play Store and download now.




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