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Routers and Repeaters Oh My !



Well April has arrived and big things are happening at U.S. Cellular !

Here is a snippet of some of the upcoming offers come April 7th.

New equipment: The Netgear LG2200D. An LTE based enterprise router. This new product goes above and beyond the existing mobile hotspots and wireless modems currently offered allowing for up to thirty connections. blogentry-2305-0-73689200-1396750131_thu

Purchasing Equipment

Customers will now have the option to purchase a phone or tablet in four ways:

Financing with zero percent interest over 24 months.

Subsidized Equipment. (Standard contractual obligations)

Pay with points.

And pay retail.

Financing extends across all phones and tablets currently offered. U.S. Cellullar in addition to allowing financing over 24 months will be paying up to 350 ETF per line with a maximum of two lines for individual accounts porting in and up to 10 350 ETF's for business accounts (with equipment trade in).

Additionally U.S. Cellular will now be supporting cellular boosters a major policy change but will require users to register the booster on an FCC based website.

It is also rumored U.S. Cellular may begin to offer boosters themselves.....more to come.


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If I purchased one of these on an old pre-shared data plan would it just need a data package added for it or would they try to get me to switch to shared data?

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It would just require a data package added. They most certainly will try to get you onto shared data but it is not a requirement. Better off going to an agent. :)  

And yes signal boosters like the one mentioned above. 


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