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Charging covers for Samsung Galaxy S5 revealed by Samsung



blog-0065804001397009010.jpgDon't you hate wondering how you're going to carry that extra battery around? Well Samsung has answered prayers by creating charging covers for it's newest device.

Samsung unveiled four charging covers for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5, which are now available for pre-order. The standard back plate, available in black and white, offers Qi wireless charging compatibility, for $29.99. There is an S-View Flip Cover version, also available in black and white. The cover is priced at $69.99.

Other accessories include a spare 2800mAh battery; however you can spend 50 bucks for a bundle that includes a spare battery, a charging case, and an extra wall charger.

Click the link to view pictures.

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I want a replacement cover, not a whole case with a flip cover.  Just the back piece, with wireless charging, like it should have had from the factory.

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