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U.S. Cellular Offering $350 to Switch From Rivals, New Data Plans, New No-Contract Plans



blog-0792151001397009407.jpgEveryone loves a little bribing and that is just what US Cellular is doing to sway people away from their carriers. On Monday, US Cellular launched a new limited-time promotion offering up to $350 per line to cover the costs of switching carriers. The company also changed the name of its Shared Data plans to Shared Connect, and launched three new no-contract plans, dubbed Simple Connect, starting at $40 per month.

Simple Connect Smartphone Plans Include:

  • $50 a month for unlimited voice, messaging and data with 500MB of the data being high-speed. Data is slowed after the 500MB are used but remains unlimited.
  • $60 a month, unlimited voice, messaging and data with 2GB of the data being high-speed.

"These new offerings are designed to give customers freedom and flexibility to choose the right plan for their needs," Grant Leech, vice president of brand marketing for U.S. Cellular, said in a statement.

The only thing about this is US Cellular didn't mention when the promotion would end. And with everything, there's a catch; you have to sign on with U.S. Cellular's new Shared Connect plan and choose the Retail Installment Contract option to be eligible for the money. This is in response to what Sprint launched on Friday and Verizon has been offering since January.


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If they gave discount like they do on financing phones for using your own equipment, my 5GB belief plan(4 lines) would be the same price as shared data, but I would gain tethering and unlimited voice. In essence, cheaper.

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Just called in tried several times to find a way to keep my Unlimited 4G Data Package (I have one with tethering @ $60/mo and one without @ $40/mo) and still switch to the Shared Connect plans in order to take advantage of the Device Financing, no go. It would end. If they try to get me off my unlimited, unthrottled 4G when upgrading you better believe I'll be looking for a 15-day return.

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