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Goodbye Techs



Well, it appears US Cellular has made another drastic change in the company once again. As the title says, ALL technicians and managers will be eliminated from the company. No more service centers will exist and Retail Wireless Consultants will be "trained" to do the troubleshooting that technicians did. Below is the memo:


As always, this is based off of "customer's wants and needs" and to better help them. Essentially, they are saying customers do not want to talk to multiple employees but rather deal with one during their entire visit. This is VERY true in most scenarios but to replace technicians and their knowledge with just RWC's and add to their duties that they must complete is not the solution in our opinion. Service Technicians have had much more hands on time with phones, much more in depth training, as well as the time to understand and work with these phones that RWC's have not.

Let's add to that and say a customer does need some technical troubleshooting and a RWC needs to spend quite some time on this and there are several other customers needing help. Now, the RWC cannot help these customers because he is tasked with another title of being a Technician now as well. There goes possible commission for them s well as longer wait times for other customers.

I do see some points on behalf of US Cellular as well as this will save substantial money we can only imagine. However, there are sure to be many more cons from our point of view. What do you think? Let's hear below!


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This is sad.  The tech at my local store is probably my favorite employee at my store.  She's the only one who knows almost as much as I do...when not close but more than anyone else in that store.

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I think for the most part phones are so good anymore, if there's anything wrong software wise, wipe the phone & reinstall the rom - something RWC could certainly be trained to do. And if there's anything hardware wise, it more or less is going to be a.) sent somewhere anyway or b.) replaced.  


Beyond reinstalling roms, I wonder how much the techs are actually able to fix anymore. 


Plus side, think of all the extra traffic we're going to get here when RWC's start roaming the board looking for help. 

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as a nearly 20 year tech (not uscellular or phones sole knowledge base) i am saddened and worried about this.


Those stores need technicians.

Salesmen are not techs and techs are not salesmen although they do intermingle if done properly.


the BIGGEST problem and i think everyone here knows it, is that those people on the floor, as nice as most are, are just not tech's.

can they learn, yes. do many of the guys and probably a small percentage of the ladies know enough about phones to troubleshoot them? probably but i really dont like this.


it may just be the start of something i see currently with my employer who forces tech support down the throats of customer service but refuses to pay them or call them service.

they are just called the service center but are classed as customer service not true support.

yet we are to do 75% of the troubleshooting and gather all the info so the real tech "doesnt have to".


i dont mind this but what this also means is that contractors or outsourced companies will be used for updating firware's on new phones which is a process that can take 5-15 minutes on phones and people, and sales people, are just not going to be that patient.


downtime in the stores will be allocated to servicing phones also.


there is good and bad to this. i truly see the good, but i also dont really see the point of letting the managers go.


there NEEDS to be Technical managers, those store managers have enough on their plates with sales being down on the iphones and customer complaints and in general, very poor sales (from what i am hearing from insiders)


the sales people should be trained on the phones regardless, but it seems that the money counters everywhere, no matter what industry, feel that sales people dont need to know the products to sell them.

i guess i never understood how one sells something they know nothing about.

it would be like me trying to sell wallpaper... sure it looks pretty but i dont know anything about it.


i see the point, but i dont like it and think its a bad move.

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for those unwilling to read all that i wrote...


here is the short version.


this is 100% cut backs... without question, anyone saying different is sucking the sack.

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Soon to be ex service tech right here...I have been mentally prepared for this news for the last 2 years. It blows...and I won't recommend us cellular at all until they close the doors for good. This company is a joke and I honestly cannot wait for them to be bought by sprint. Give us a small severance and have us test the job market...I understand business is business...but they aren't even giving the techs sales jobs...we get the privilege of applying for them along with the general public...venting...

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This is bad news...I just switched back to UScellular and all this is making me wonder if I made the right decision. Their service is really good in my area. ATT, Verizon and Sprint is good too, but in the back of the woods, their service becomes very limited, unlike UScellular. Which I still have LTE in those areas.


But this is really messed up. I hate to see anyone get laid off...espeically if their not even offered anotehr job. That's bad business, if you ask me.


So do anyone think these drastic changes is a clue that UScellular may be getting bought out by Sprint or Verizon...or someone else? Or have this been planned for sometime now?

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@thebluthcompany - wow man sorry to hear you are out on the street or left to get in line like everyone else for internal jobs.

this really sucks for you guys.

You made a comment(s) though that bring more questions than answers.


1) This company is a joke

I would love to hear more about this. From someone on the inside. what makes it that bad, although i have heard horror stories from former call center employees here in C.R. that tells a very grimm tale of how the company is run.


2) I honestly cannot wait for them to be bought by sprint

Again, i would love to hear more about this. 

Are you hearing or seeing signs that Sprint is going to be buying USCC in the future, be it in small chunks like the chicago area, or in larger chunks?


again, sorry to hear about losing your job, i hate it, though have been there myself, and see the "you need to apply for the open positions just like a john doe off the street" many times in the past. 

They view this as 1) being far 2) you may not be the person for the job that is open 3) they cant have favoritism being thrown around and people being given an internal job just because your position was terminated.


i am seriously looking at VZM and AT&T but no where can i get 10gb w/ 2 phones (2x 5gb plans, or a single 10gb plan) for $139/mth


everyone else is $50 more /month and i r-e-f-u-s-e to pay anyone that kind of money for such limited bandwidth.

i'll switch back to voice and text plans on a basic phone before i ever do that.

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Cashiers are also getting the boot along with techs. As a tech that is getting the boot, I have to say I knew it was coming for a while now. It wasn't a surprise, and for anyone who thought it was, well then they weren't very perceptive. The company offered a pretty good severance package for those wanting to leave, along with job counseling and help finding work out of the company. For those wanting to stay they also offered help. I had my interview today for sales and it was a joke. They asked me a few questions and offered me the job as they flipped over the notes they took. I am by no means a "Kool-Aid Drinker". I would not be surprised if this is not just one more move in many that is preparing us for a sell out. But I will not complain and moan and slam the company that has paid me so well the last many years, offered to pay my schooling,gave my family insurance, and done so many other things for me. Yes, they have say the least lately. But I have had the choice to leave at any time. I am still choosing to stay and work for them. Because even though I don't choose to drink the Kool-Aid and I think their decisions since Jack left SUCK, I am still pretty grateful for what they have given me and I am pretty sure that not many other places would give me the options they have. And that is my 2 cents worth :D

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I was also one of the effected Service Technicians. I had seen this comming 2 years ago. I knew it would happen soon. This position was a no production posistion and we got paid Very well to provide "Technical Consultation". When I found that we were being let go, I imediately asked my Store Manager what happens next. He called HR and they opened a Full Time sales postion for me. I was interviewed and offered a job within a week and am now in training. I have given this Company almost 10 years and in this market, no mater where I would go, I would have to start over. Better to keep my tenure with a chance for advancement in 6 months then to be the low man on the ladder again.

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Wow, I'm sure service will take a hit, based on that...  I'm sure our costs won't go down though.  I want less cost and more data.  That's my wants and needs, for real.

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So, what this has lead to is an hour and a half of waiting to be told that my phone's no longer under warranty and that warranty wouldn't have covered the problem anyways, after the phone support told me it was and they would. I ended up fixing the USB connector myself.

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