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LTE Roaming



Here it Comes

  1. What is changing?
    Enabling 4G LTE Roaming positions us to increase 4G LTE data coverage area for our subscribers. This will allow our prepaid and postpaid subscribers to continue to enjoy the 4G LTE data experience while outside the U.S. Cellular 4G LTE network coverage area and allow additional subscribers to enjoy the same experience while roaming on our 4G LTE network.
  2. Why are we making this change?
    We currently have agreements in place with other carriers to provide 3G data coverage to our customers while they are roaming. The increased 4G LTE data coverage area will enhance our subscribers’ experience plus we’ll reduce overall roaming costs as customers migrate from 3G to 4G off-net and increase roaming revenues as foreign roamers will also have access to our 4G LTE network.
  3. When is it changing?
    The capability for 4G LTE Roaming will be in place at the time of Release 3.0. We are preparing the roaming agreements with other carriers that will begin later in 2014. Customers will begin having 4G LTE roaming capabilities in additional areas as we continue to execute agreements with other carriers.

Will off-network data allowance increase when we introduce 4G LTE Roaming?

We are not making any changes at this time, but will continue to monitor usage.

Which carriers will we be partnering with?

We are working with various carriers in order to provide the best data roaming service for our customers. Once agreements are executed, additional communications will be shared.


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I know but j honestly cannot forses them keeping it at 250 for too much longer especially given that they make a point of noting they will be monetizing once again with lucrative 4g lte international roaming agreements and moving the traffic oF EVDO which is overloaded on every network and obviously must be expensive route through it. And if i remember correctly uscc lost out on long standing lucrative roaming agreements which coincided with their implementation of the 250 cap 250 on lte is crazy just crazy no one will stqnd for that honestly as a customer I would be more irritated by the fact that I just took a trip and used up my roaming cat in an extremely short. Of time due to having access to roaming 4G service and then being throttled to 1x it'sthat much more of a drastic change that customers will see quite rapidly once it is deployed. And in all honesty I don't for see very many people putting up with that for very long service cost too much money these days to be capped that low for the amount of money that we pay every month. Something has got to give as customers complain and uscc gets its feet planted solidly again I think with increased revenue we will see increasingly larger buckets of data to be used while traveling. All that said we can only hope but I have faith.

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I'll have a date on the 3.0 release shortly. I just saw something come in about it but the page is not accesible currently and yes I would bank it will coincide with the sprint hub. With Release 2.0 (they are referring to AM DOCS software TOPS we use) they introduced roaming throttling etc. There was a period there where the $50 dollar a month plan was truly unlimited even WHILE roaming. I know someone who used 10 gigs a day everyday for weeks before release 2.0 put a stop to it. :( Obviously that's a bit abusive but I will post as more comes around. 

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Well this would be awesome. But with the roaming data limit and throttled speeds it's useless. Now if they removed the throttle it wouldn't be as bad when roaming because I could at least use data then. With 1X and 3G it's nearly impossible at times to do anything because it's throttled so hardcore.

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I just talked with a rep and while I was hoping for this by end of summer she said they were told about 4th quarter. So take that as you will.

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