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Free Google Play Store credits? YES, PLEASE!



Are you stuck on that same level of candy crush saga? Would you love to purchase a book from Google Play Books? Really want to try the paid version of an app, but can't convince yourself to committing more money on your smartphone?

I was just like you, but I discovered something great by good ol' Google itself. The name of the app is called Google Opinion Rewards.



So what's the deal here? How does it work might you ask?

It's very simple. After the installation, open the app. You will be asked a few questions that really have nothing to do with a smartphone. That's OK, Google just wants to make sure you aren't spamming them for free credits (which most people probably do anyway.) Answer the few questions upon first opening the app, and that's it! Sit back and profit! Any new surveys will appear as a notification in your notification bar.


In all seriousness, what will happen next is Google will (seeming randomly) send you a survey. I get one around once a month or so. Some surveys are worth $1.00 or more, some are as short as 1-3 questions with a payout of $.10. Yes, ten cents. But it adds up! I have collected about $15 in Google credits since I discovered this app. Download it now and start raking in the free credits!


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I did this, got up to $11.XX and now i dont get ANY more.  I've signed in, restarted it, uninstalled and reinstalled, it gets to a point where you get a lot of NON-paying surveys and then none.


Key is to answer the questions how they WANT you to.

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