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Device Financing on Belief plans say what?



So official word has it that come the end of the month customers will now have the option of financing devices without switching to shared data or any current offering. So if you've been hesitating financing that ipad because you couldn't justify switching to share your wallet plans come the 30th that will no longer pose a problem.


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As long as they don't take away my ability to purchase a subsidized phone on my legacy plan! I'm sure if I finance a device, it won't reduce the monthly amount I owe on my belief plan.


You would have to be stupid to do this if you have a plan which has subsidized pricing for a phone built into the monthly rate. 

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My biggest issue with Device Financing is that in after 1 year, in order upgrade again, I must give back my device in "good shape" where as with subsidized phone purchases I only need to wait 18 months to upgrade discounted again but I get to keep the first device. I always pass down my phones to other people on my plan or with US Cellular.

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Although your attached image looks very official I spent almost an entire business day trying to find someone who knew of this. I spoke to reps at a franchise location, several reps including local manager at a cooperate location, as well as 3 tiers of customer support rep's over the phone @ 611 and no one found anything that would show Device Financing on these plans.


I verified that I am on a BPE (Belief Plan Evolved). Because I was so frustrated I ended up getting a customer support rep to use points and some internal coupons or something to get my upgrade price down to $40 from $200 for the GS5 because I had walked in ready to pay ~$30 in taxes on the device financing.

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