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Unlimited Data is yours to keep !



Spoken from the words of numerous customer service reps/tech reps in tier one and tier 2 no one is going to lose their unlimited data UNLESS they changed to a NEW price plan. You can still fully upgrade at subsidized cost maintain your plan resign contracts ETC all with unlimited data listed on those contracts.

This seems noteworthy as so many around the forums have asked !

The reason behind this discovery was we've been waiting on LTE in the area for almost 2 years no dice bought a phone to tether with unlimited no dice. Wound up with VZW UDP plan in a hotspot. Now they may be throttling even though we managed to sneak our way back into a contract till 2016 which makes you exempt from throttling thank god !! Still we want to give USCC LTE a chance !

So we don't want to ditch the unlimited NO ONE ditch unlimited. Put the line into a six month seasonal suspend and confirmed 3 times with three different departments that if done once resume everything would remain in tact and that was a resounding yes as well as no one is going to lose their unlimited come the end of that "2 year contract" that some people signed some people didn't ?!

TETHER AWAY !!!!!!!!


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Thanks God! I'm glad to hear this. I got the Unlimited 4G + Tethering early, within the first week I believe and was scheduled to end on November 15th.


I wonder if this has been made possible by their new Data Monitoring team.


Which is the team that is responsible for the newly started Excessive Data Use block when reaching 100 GBs.

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Sure they are going to let you keep it, but it will be a pita every month having to call to turn back on if you use over 100GB, that sooner or later you will want to get rid of it. lol

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Guess not lol in the News thread someone is saying their going to be running a script to remove Unlimited 4g Promo from all accounts that have had it for 2 years.

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