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Nexus 6P Unboxing and First impressions



In this video I unbox my new Nexus 6P!

I would be honored if each and everyone of you would subscribe to my channel, that would be awesome!

Overall I am blown away at this device. It screams premium right as you open it. The fingerprint scanner is blazing fast and is super simple to setup.

For those of you that did get a new Nexus 6P or 5X, let me know your thoughts about the device down below!


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ID 10 T question, will this phone work on US Cellular? 

Not an idiot question.  Technically, yes it has the supported bands but US Cellular probably won't activate as the IMEI won't be in their "system"


I correct this though to say, some have activated over the phone by telling them it's a 5X.... I can't confirm it will work but worth a shot.

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