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  3. HD Calling (VoLTE) with google pixel XL

    Have you activated the phone as a pixel xl? I did as a nexus 6p. If you click compatible devices on it now lists the pixel, xl, 2, etc. as compatible so I might have to call uscc back with actual device. OR, it just may not work still.
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  5. Used phone choices up to $200?

    For what it's worth my wife had 3 moto g phones, they each lasted a year before they had major issues that I couldn't fix (internal battery failure, constant camera crashes, 30 minute boot time). I worn touch them again, but I'll sell you one for cheap if you're interested! I recently purchases a new old stock pixel for my wife, they're selling for $340 on Amazon.... 2 years old but still a great piece of hardware. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  6. Used phone choices up to $200?

    We've got 5 phones on my unlimited plan - 2 Galaxy S7s and 3 S5s. The S5s are not doing so well, so we're looking for something better for not too much money. I do like the S7s are they're pretty fast, water resistant and look nice. I've also been tempted to try an LG G5 or G6? Are they OK? I've heard it's really hard to beat the reliability of Samsung, but am I missing a better opportunity? Any other phones I should consider (besides iPhone <- not doing that)? Advice please?!
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  8. It was crazy good back in the day when you could flash a Rom almost every day of the week it seemed like. Well at least I don't need a charger everywhere like the isheeples do, and they really do. If you are on an iPhone right now I would suggest you find a charger because your phone is going dead[emoji106] Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  9. I'm still running android 7.1.1 by means of a package disabler I used to kill the system update processes because a root method was found for that version but the whole only charging to 80% has had me on the fence. Almost a year later and I am still not sure I want that to occur. My phone has been acting a little screwy lately so I was thinking it might just be time to take the update. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, things got screwy with Samsung phones back around the S5/S6 as far as rooting goes, I've been advising people against them ever since if they want to tinker with modding phones. It is sad to see all these old sites going the way of the dinosaur. The end of an era. Hell, these days I only root my Pixel XL for Substratum theming, and only because Pie won't allow me to use Andromeda (rootless Substratum).
  11. It's sad really. It was good times while it lasted. I do the same thing and check xda periodically. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. We all knew that it was over several phones ago. The S7 was locked tight also. I every once in a while cruise XDA for the S9 too see how and if any progress has been made in rooting or ROM development on the US versions. But to no avail nothing. Nothing worth trying or permanent. And with the advent of all this lock down and no modding I have seen forums like this one, ModMyMoto, Howard Forums, and others just die or sections of them just get wiped out. I used to have almost 1000+ posts and How to threads (On that I created on rooting and hacking the Moto RAZR. I was the person there that destroyed phones to see what I could do. It was fun. But those days are over. The days of the "Leaked Tools" from Samsung and Motorola and others have come to a halt also. For a while employees were able to sneak out the programs that were used to make and modify the OS, and put them on torrent sites. Digital security check points have halted that. What you still find is the software that retail outlets use. Example is ODIN. That is what a retail store uses to just flash phones. Very easy to take. But very limited. And with the death of the sites and forums came the dwindling support of independent free lance program writers. The ones that filled the gap between us and the giants. To make it easy to use such tools to mod phones. A couple of giant sites dedicated to providing custom ROMS have also gone the way of the dinosaur. Either shut down or purchased by one of said phone giants, so they could freely use the software or parts of it in their phones.
  13. Man I thought after a while things might change but Samsung really has a clenched fist on the bootloader of the Note 8 and now the 9 is emerging and I don't see any relief. Android has certainly changed a lot since I started with it. Is it this bad with other android devices too? Miss the good old days when you could rom up your phone whenever. Now I have been out of it so long I'm afraid to try anything. The xposed modules IMO were a big step forward because you could do similar things the rom devs were doing but still keep the device stock for the most part. I still have some of those features being non rooted but it just isn't the same anymore. Anyone feel the same? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. New fone who dis

  15. New fone who dis

    Oh herro Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  16. New fone who dis

  17. HD Calling (VoLTE) with google pixel XL

    Does USCC have VoLTE in your area? Edit: This post from a few weeks ago indicates that in a place where USCC's VoLTE works on the S7, it does not work on the Pixel XL. It's probably not possible for you at this time, but you could always try calling USCC to find out. I wish you luck finding a CS rep who actually knows what they're talking about regarding this kind of thing!
  18. I know how to fix this issue. Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Access Point Names. Now, this is the important part. Copy down all of the information in both of the APN's. MAKE SURE IT IS RIGHT! Now click the 3 dots on the top right. Make new APS with the same information and delete the old ones. Once done change the preferred network type in the mobile networks setting to LTE (recommended). Restart phone. You're welcome. You have no idea how long it took for me to figure this out.
  19. Don't have the option in my network setting and cant enable in the *#*#4636#*#* menu either as it is blanked out. Any ideas how to fix this?
  20. Roaming

    Nope, there is no way to get extra roaming data with USCC. i'm not an employee btw, but I'm not sure any of them come here anymore.
  21. Roaming

    I'm planning on going on vacation at the end of the month. Most of the trip will be roaming. I would like to just take my S8+ and not deal with another phone with a StraightTalk SIM like I did last year. Is there a way to get more data while roaming than the 400mb currently offered? I'm currently on the 2GB Total plan if that matters.
  22. Root for ZTE Blade Max 3 Z986U?

    [adb reboot disemmcwp] to basically give you more permission. Then not the prettiest root but right click Kingo.exe root open with administrator and see if that gets it. King.exe root sometimes works too after issuing the adb command. To return to original privledges [adb reboot emmcwpenab] Hopefully one of those will work if not I have a avid plus and a att equivalent here I can take a look at to see if its something feasible. peace
  23. I've also made the change to a Pixel 2 XL(64Gb). I can say the it is a vast improvement from my S4... I'm also using the Google FI service at this time with it, I'm wanting to evaluate how well the FI service is for me. If I like what I see/hear/pay(and I am so far.....especially with the rebate) I'll get a Pixel 2 for my wife, port both our existing #'s and give USC the heave ho.....
  24. Android Oreo

    Downloaded and installed on my S7 edge without issue and working great so far. Sent from my SM-G935R4 using Tapatalk
  25. Android Oreo

    Looks like Oreo was released for the S7. Just a heads up. It didn't show up automatically on my phone, but when I did a manual check, it showed up. It is also listed on US Cellular's site.
  26. Moto X4 compatible with U.S. Cellular

    I just wanted to chime in and verify that yes this phone activates just fine through US Cellular. I recently purchased this phone to eventually jump from US Cellular over to project fi. One thing I wanted to let you all know from my experience is when the u.s. cellular representative asks what phone you have all you have to tell them is you have a Motorola X. Once they find Motorola X in their system they will use that code to successfully activate your phone. I did this over the phone and took 10 minutes. Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  27. VoLTE rollout

    I was able to turn on for all my S7 phones in my area early this year, but our pixel xl doesn't work - can't get the option to show up even though I asked them to turn it on.
  28. VoLTE rollout

    Has anyone seen or heard anything more about when this will be available on a broader scale? Sent from my SM-N920R4 using Tapatalk
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