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  3. HD Calling (VoLTE) with google pixel XL

    Does USCC have VoLTE in your area? Edit: This post from a few weeks ago indicates that in a place where USCC's VoLTE works on the S7, it does not work on the Pixel XL. It's probably not possible for you at this time, but you could always try calling USCC to find out. I wish you luck finding a CS rep who actually knows what they're talking about regarding this kind of thing!
  4. I know how to fix this issue. Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Access Point Names. Now, this is the important part. Copy down all of the information in both of the APN's. MAKE SURE IT IS RIGHT! Now click the 3 dots on the top right. Make new APS with the same information and delete the old ones. Once done change the preferred network type in the mobile networks setting to LTE (recommended). Restart phone. You're welcome. You have no idea how long it took for me to figure this out.
  5. Don't have the option in my network setting and cant enable in the *#*#4636#*#* menu either as it is blanked out. Any ideas how to fix this?
  6. Roaming

    Nope, there is no way to get extra roaming data with USCC. i'm not an employee btw, but I'm not sure any of them come here anymore.
  7. Roaming

    I'm planning on going on vacation at the end of the month. Most of the trip will be roaming. I would like to just take my S8+ and not deal with another phone with a StraightTalk SIM like I did last year. Is there a way to get more data while roaming than the 400mb currently offered? I'm currently on the 2GB Total plan if that matters.
  8. Root for ZTE Blade Max 3 Z986U?

    [adb reboot disemmcwp] to basically give you more permission. Then not the prettiest root but right click Kingo.exe root open with administrator and see if that gets it. King.exe root sometimes works too after issuing the adb command. To return to original privledges [adb reboot emmcwpenab] Hopefully one of those will work if not I have a avid plus and a att equivalent here I can take a look at to see if its something feasible. peace
  9. I've also made the change to a Pixel 2 XL(64Gb). I can say the it is a vast improvement from my S4... I'm also using the Google FI service at this time with it, I'm wanting to evaluate how well the FI service is for me. If I like what I see/hear/pay(and I am so far.....especially with the rebate) I'll get a Pixel 2 for my wife, port both our existing #'s and give USC the heave ho.....
  10. Android Oreo

    Downloaded and installed on my S7 edge without issue and working great so far. Sent from my SM-G935R4 using Tapatalk
  11. Android Oreo

    Looks like Oreo was released for the S7. Just a heads up. It didn't show up automatically on my phone, but when I did a manual check, it showed up. It is also listed on US Cellular's site.
  12. Moto X4 compatible with U.S. Cellular

    I just wanted to chime in and verify that yes this phone activates just fine through US Cellular. I recently purchased this phone to eventually jump from US Cellular over to project fi. One thing I wanted to let you all know from my experience is when the u.s. cellular representative asks what phone you have all you have to tell them is you have a Motorola X. Once they find Motorola X in their system they will use that code to successfully activate your phone. I did this over the phone and took 10 minutes. Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  13. VoLTE rollout

    I was able to turn on for all my S7 phones in my area early this year, but our pixel xl doesn't work - can't get the option to show up even though I asked them to turn it on.
  14. VoLTE rollout

    Has anyone seen or heard anything more about when this will be available on a broader scale? Sent from my SM-N920R4 using Tapatalk
  15. Trying to get root, so I am downgrading the firmware, I have had nothing but trouble with it thus far, though. Any help would be appreciated. SM-G955U - US Cellular VersionG955USQS3CRE2Bootloader Version 3Android 8.0.0History of the phone, tried rooting quite a while ago, softbricked it, then went back to stock rom no problem. Flash forward a few months later, used the SamFail and PartCyborgRom method to have root, did not have mobile data, though, so I went back to stock, again. I was told after a bit that updating the modem would have fixed that issue, but oh well. Now, I want to use the SamFail mehtod to have root again, and fix the modem issue in the phone. I am trying to downgrade the firmware so that this will work. However nothing is working properly.List of all firmwares I have tried:USC-G955USQU1AQDE-20170505162155USC-G955USQU1AQD9-20170421124057SM-G955U_1_20170504154313_jk5541apkz_facSM-G955U_1_20170620081840_8g9ali6ocz_facSM-G955U1_1_20170428100826_id2grime7e_facI have uninstalled the Samsung Drivers, rebooted and reinstalled, same for ADB. I have enabled USB Debugging. I can not enable OEM Unlock, locked bootloader. For the Odin settings I have tried loading just AP. Then All of them. Then everything except for BL. Then all except for CSC.The options I have checked are Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time.This is the Odin Log:<ID:0/004> Odin engine v(ID:3.1301)..<ID:0/004> File analysis..<ID:0/004> Total Binary size: 4429 M<ID:0/004> SetupConnection..<ID:0/004> Initialzation..<ID:0/004> Set PIT file..<ID:0/004> DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET!!<ID:0/004> Get PIT for mapping..<ID:0/004> Firmware update start..<ID:0/004> NAND Write Start!! <ID:0/004> SingleDownload.<ID:0/004> boot.img<ID:0/004> FAIL! (Auth)<ID:0/004> <ID:0/004> Complete(Write) operation failed.<OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)This is what it says on my phone in DL mode:CARRIER: USCRPMB fuse blownRPMB PROVISIONEDCURRENT BINARY: Samsung OfficialSYSTEM STATUS: OfficialFRP LOCK: OFFWARRANTY VOID: 0x0QUALCOM SECUREBOOT: ENABLERP SWREV: B3( K2 S3SECURE DOWNLOAD: ENABLEDID 205EBC0B1B52SW REV CHECK FAIL : (boot)Fused 2 > Binary 1My phone still works just fine, have not bricked it trying all of these. I am open to all suggestions at this point. I know I had the stock firmware at one point in time, and I am trying to find it at any cost.
  16. Case

    I got the amFilm 3D Curved Dot Matrix Full Screen Samsung Galaxy S8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector on Amazon and The Unicorn Beetle Pro case on Amazon! They both work very well. I work in construction and I feel good about my phone. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk

    Thanks for sharing what you found. Even though the forums are slow nowadays your little contribution may help someone that is searching for an answer.

    Okay y'all. I fixed it. After a lot of research and time I ended up going to sammobile for the latest oreo firmware for US Cellular s8+ and it took literally like 5 hours to download because I got the free account (even with 70mbps download speed) and everything worked just fine. If you had problems with soft locking your s8+ I'm going to help you out a little: you can find a link to download the correct odin (3.13.1) and the instructions of how to correctly flash on the right side of that page as well. And like I said it's going to take FOREVER to download if you don't want to pay extra.
  19. I switched to Verizon: Explanation

    I go up to Ashland WI a lot (and surrounding areas) on project Fi. Yeah, it's 2G roaming on ATT when you leave the small native coverage. To be honest I don't know a single carrier that's good up north though. My wife is on AT&T and between our 4 networks combined we still go without good data coverage at times. Maybe I should carry a Verizon phone too LOL Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  20. I switched to Verizon: Explanation

    Is Google FI still pretty much 2G only outside of Sprint , TMobile and US Cellular native coverage? Last time I looked, the entire NE quarter of Wisconsin and the entire UP of Michigan were 2G or NO G...
  21. So we're forced to use VOLTE with no user-end way to turn it off? That's disappointing, actually... I spend enough time in fringe areas where my S6 claims to have a 4G signal, but data is excrutiatingly slow. I use the Network app to force CDMA only, and data is usable again.
  22. 319 area code numbers (and presumably others) can now be successfully ported to Project Fi. You'll have to use a different zip code for the initial step during sign up (I used Des Moines), but I can confirm 319 numbers can now be ported (and you can use your real zip code/address later on). Question for any employees: If I have a group plan on USCC and want to port all the numbers to Fi, do I need to port the numbers of the sub-accounts before the account holder? Just want to make sure nobody loses their phone number. EDIT: You can port the account holder before or after the sub-accounts. Order doesn't matter.

    Also @VIthe3rd I'm really glad you're here, man. I was beginning to think like all of these boards were just abandoned and that I just bricked my s8 lol I mean I might still have bricked it maybe because nothing is working except for the custom rom os screen and the downloading screen but at least there's someone here to make fun of me for it haha

    Yeah I did, including trying three different versions of odin (3.13, 3.12 (comsy), and 3.12.7) I even try just doing BL only and it fails it every time. I also tried flashing BL for the root files in all three versions of odin and it still fails me.

    Yes they are. Ever since the easy way of rooting and running modded roms went the way of the dinosaur there has not been much of a demand for CDMA modding. And I did a quick read through on the xda root link. Did you read the Return to stock instructions?
  26. Just a little update on this. So I went to the local USCC store where I bought this S9 and made the complaint to the Rep that sold it to me. He swapped out the sim and did some network side reset. I guess here in Milwaukee the S9 is automatic VOLTE. So that was 2 weeks ago and it was good for about 5 days or so. Then it started to drop calls and no ring when someone was calling. Just get notified with the VM Icon that there was a new message. Today went back to the USCC store and asked to have the VOLTE turned off. Lets see if that cures the problem. I am still thinking it may be a hardware problem. Side note: The Rep who helped me today said "VOLTE is still new and buggy, So as the issues come up they are being addressed." I don't know how accurate that statement is...... But then again I been out of the tech loop now and have just become another user I don't know what to think. Oh Well.

    wow these boards really are dead haha
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