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    Pixel 32gb

    Google phone but it's been on Verizon, Fi and USCC. The bootloader is not unlocked if that is what you're wondering.
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    Hardware Problems Worth Fixing?

    Have you considered the Nexus 6P? You can get one on swappa for $200,and if the battery fails it sounds like you have the technical ability to replace it. It's a great phone, and I'm pretty sure you'll have no issue activating it Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    data roaming deal

    Last I was at the company store, they said the cap was up to 600MB, and that the company was experimenting with lifting the cap entirely on select accounts to see just how much additional usage it would incur. Maybe the cap will go away one of these days. No indication WHEN that might happen.
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    Moto X4 compatible with U.S. Cellular

    I have the purchased version of FiSwitch. An app from the play store. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    iPhone 6S+ 64GB Silver *MINT*

    That is a hell of a deal. Too bad A} I don't need a phone or know anyone who does and 2} don't want an iPhone. But I'll ask around to all the people I know in real life Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Black Friday 2017

    What happened to the good old black Friday deals and not rip offs...
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    Black Friday 2017

    I looked into these so called deals. Must be on the unlimited plan, which would be an additional $10 for me. Must have device protection at another $9.99. so take the initial $10 plus the additional $10 and $9.99 you are up to $29.99 for the device. Not sure of the savings there. Might have to look at the buyout price.
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    Pixel 32gb

    Sold Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Moto X4 compatible with U.S. Cellular

    According to a conversation I had recently with US Cellular Tech support, they need to test the X4 before they will allow it to be activated. Although Google FI uses their towers, the signal is processed (voice, data, and messaging) by Google servers and not by US Cellular servers. Apparently they have had issues with changes being made in phone software which caused problems with this processing on their own servers. (That probably also explains why software updates are slower with android phones, as the carriers have to ensure that the changes won't mess up their data/voice/messaging processing). If FI had better coverage in the areas I need, I would consider using it. But, for example, at my home in Maine, FI only has 2G coverage, even though USC has 3G and 4GLTE coverage. Like someone else, I don't like the size of the Z2Pure. But my MotoX2 is getting old, and has limited memory. I'm hoping they will test and approve the X4 sometime soon.
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    Phone to buy for ~$150-$200?

    Since I moved to smart phones I had nothing but Samsung. Decided to give the LG G5 a try, moving from an S5. I was reluctant and not sure I'd like it, but wanted something new and didn't want to spend the coin on a S8. On my Sammys, I had rooted and custom ROMs. Haven't done any of that on the G5. I like it a lot. I know there are better phones, but it does everything I need. I wouldn't be affraid of it if I were you. Had it about 9 months now and no issues, with the exception of broken camera lens. My wife and I both cracked ours within a week of each other. Both have protective cases.
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    OnePlus 5T or Razer Compatible?

    I think the problem you'll run into is that neither phone has the necessary CDMA bands to make them compatible. (This is just a guess though, someone with more knowledge might add in)
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    Hardware Problems Worth Fixing?

    I would steer clear of the 6p's and 5x's... they are known for bootloops and battery issues. Mine is doing ok, but it does have the early shutdown issue if it gets cold. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Pixel 32gb

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    There are many modded YouTube apps that block the ads. PM for more info, we'll take the conversation off this website because this isn't the place for those discussions. I personally subscribe to YouTube Red. I have a family subscription: 5 accounts, ad free YouTube, and unlimited Google Play Music for everybody for $15/month. This route may not be for everybody, but I like Play Music more than Pandora and since I don't have cable I use YouTube for a lot of my living room entertainment. Definitely worth it for me and my family. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    T-Mobile Coming to Iowa

    I've never had a problem with voice signals in the Crivitz/Lakewood area. Data is incredibly inconsistent, though. Despite it being a 4-bar area for CellCom. I'd be happy with a full speed 2G connection... 8-10KBps is plenty for the occasional email, web lookup, etc. Unfortunately, most of the time my indicator says 3G, my network ID app says I'm really connected at 1x. Gives me flashbacks to my Sprint days! I like the unlimited just because I like that I still have the unthrottled plan. I typically only use 4-6GB in a month. If FI could compete with Verizon, at least in 3G coverage, I think I'd jump at it. (Of course, I saw an article that says Verizon is starting to kick people off who use too much "extended network" data in the great plains states...
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    Thanks -I got them working. Much appreciated.
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    His way is easier^^^ Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Received SMS messages split up

    Yes, when roaming, MMS doesn't work reliably on USC. At least not unless you are on solid 3G/4G footing. If you're stuck somewhere where you have no data, MMS won't work at all.