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    The OTA update for Marshmallow occurred last week and I read up as much as possible before applying the update. After updating my phone, here is my quick review. Marshmallow (android 6.xx) is what the Moto G 2015 3rd gen was made for! Here are a couple of hints to the install. Backup your pictures, documents, and data to your hard drive. If you have any apps moved to your uSD card, uninstall them. Just moving them back to the phone does not seem to work as expected. Make sure your phone battery is at 100% and apply the Marshmallow update. After the phone is updated, let it settle down for a few minutes. Do some mundane tasks, then power-off the phone. If your uSD card in not a fast card, such as a class 10 or UHS-1 or faster, go buy one and replace your existing card with it. I have a 32 Gb SanDisk UHS-1 card. You can insert it into your phone now. Power-on your phone. After the phone fully boots-up, go to Settings, Storage, and select your SD card. In the upper right-hand corner is the three, vertical dot icon, press that and select format as internal. Return your screen to Home and power off, then power it back on. After the phone has fully booted-up, you can restore your data and reinstall your apps. At some point, you may get a message asking if it is ok to move apps and data to the external memory. Respond positively if that appears. With my phone it now automatically puts the pictures, media, and programs onto the external storage. And application updates occur automatically, no longer posting running out of memory messages. If you are a gamer, make sure you get a very fast and large uSD card. To restore or move data to or from my phone to pc, I use on the phone, WiFi File Explorer PRO. There are probably other apps that do the same. This is just the one I use. Once I restored my apps, those icons on my Home screens returned and are again usable. Btw, here are the Motorola release notes: https://motorola-mobility-en-in.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/108725 I hope you find this helpful.
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    FM Radio *not* disabled!

    Just confirmed by disabling data while Wi-Fi was off and was able to listen to FM Radio (with static actually lol) this is really cool because other carriers have disabled the FM Radio but not US Cellular! Sent from my SM-G935R4 using Tapatalk
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    Well it's official

    Welcome to the club, Zenz!
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    Developer N Preview Factory Images

    N Preview #5 is out as of today......Just got it flashed to my phone and ready to see what has been improved. Sounds like the first stable version might be the next update sometime next month. http://www.xda-developers.com/android-n-developer-preview-5-released-public-rollout-later-this-summer/
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    Hmmm..... Interesting read. I will have to check this out later. But from I quickly read that you have to flash the engineering kernel first to achieve the root. And it from just the first page it seems a little slow. Probably of the kernel that was flashed. At least to one user who flashed his already. Will it work with ours? Probably so. Since most all S7's and S7 edge's are the same across the board for the us versions.
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    Activation question

    Just adding info for explanation USCC requires band 10 AWS for cellular connection, which the 935U doesn't list, but it has every other necessary band. So, based on the sites info, the SM-935U (the unlocked one OP is asking about) doesn't have Band 10 AWS, unless they update it, idk if it's safe to say it would work on USCC. They may try to activate it, but according to the available info, it wouldn't work anyway. I lived this very issue with the Nexus 6P A2 style (a random, early release version which didnt have band 10) Sent from my Nexus 6P
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    Always on Display

    I find that the Always on Display on the GS7 Edge only displays Time, Calendar, SMS notifications and Missed phone calls. It doesn't show anything else like FB, twitter, snapchat or other types of notification. I decided to turn off always on display because of it's large lack of usefulness. I find that the Always on display for the Moto X is a lot better on my work phone than the GS7. Anybody else notice how useless the Always is display on the GS7 is?
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    Always on Display

    I have always thought it was useless regardless of what it can/can't show. It kills battery - albeit minor, screen is always the #1 culprit. I have used it but never felt it was even close to worth the battery hit and wake time. That's just me. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk