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    Yep. Sent from my XT1055 using Tapatalk
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    LG V20

    Also, the version of TW on the S7 Edge is the best yet and it will only get better when nougat comes along. People can knock Sammy all they want, but there are those of us who simply love what they offer. Now if they'd only lighten up on the whole bootloader thing. Sent from my SM-G935R4 using Tapatalk
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    I swear I... Oh Nevermind lol Sent from my SM-G900R4 (klteusc) running CM14 12.18.16
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    It's been fun...

    I'm very much comtemplating the switch to Verizon also... the USC Signal at my home seems to be slowly diminishing, I can rarely get any LTE and am dropping calls all the time. Could be the phone, but that seems to work fine anywhere else, and if i travel 1 mile down the road i can get lte no problem... I considered a singal booster... but $500 is a hefty sum to TRY to get to work. Verizon works perfect with 4g at home... (tower is 2 miles line of sight from home).. only thing that i'm hesitant on is that verizon does horribly traveling in the rural areas that I work... Oh the dilema... if we do switch it's $4-6 increase in our monthly bill.... The misses has been complaining about the dropped calls and stuttering signals....
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    Sure I'll try. I wish there was a decent changelog! What this they fix and/or break this time? EDIT: http://upload.teamuscellular.com/9ky this is the firmware only for CQA1. I DID NOT TRY IT YET (might not even since I don't really need to), but I followed the previous setup which did work fine. Please let me know if you try it? Thanks! EDIT2: I just tried it and it works fine. I'm now on baseband G900R4VXS2CQA1 (and running LineageOS 14.1-20170125-NIGHTLY-klteusc and opengapps same date 1/25). All is well. Just couldn't stand not knowing! Flash with Odin in the AP slot. here's the commands used (make it easier for me next time ) unzip SM-G900R4_<whatever> tar xf G900R4<whatever> tar -H ustar -c tz.mbn modem.bin NON-HLOS.bin rpm.mbn sbl1.mbn sdi.mbn > G900R4<version>_firmware.tar md5sum -t G900R4<version>_firmware.tar >> G900R4<version>_firmware.tar mv G900R4<version>_firmware.tar G900R4<version>_firmware.tar.md5 ps: I did a "diff" on the previous firmware files which does a binary compare and all the files are different. No idea what they changed. Just FYI. pps: files from the update NOT in this firmware update (just for completeness): boot.img recovery.img aboot.bin cache.img.ext4 system.img.ext4
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    Yep - I posted a link to it 2 posts before yours...
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    Someone on their Facebook page asked about it. Got this response: We are aware of these claims and investigating them. We always take our customers’ privacy seriously, and your trust is very important to U.S. Cellular. ^Andria
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    OP updated with newest image - Thanks!
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    new update CQA1 Please update OP when time allowes. Thanx!
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    Weather notifications not showing up

    Whoa. I installed that app, set your zip code for my location, and clicked "notify about severe weather alerts" and immediately a notification popped up in my statusbar telling me about the snow storm. Welp, I'm glad you found an app that works! I'm very curious though as to why none of the others work... it's completely nonsensical. And thanks for the tip about this weather app! I really like it a lot for its functionality, but the design is absolutely horrible.
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    Root research

    Just a heads up, There is a root method posted on XDA for the V495 T-Mobil and others. Not the UK495 with Software Version UK495_20b USCC LG GPad F8 ver 2 It does work on both versions of the USCC LG GPad F8 to root only. I don't believe that the bootloader is unlockable on either device USCC offers or if it is then as of right now there isn't a compatible Recovery for the device. The risk involved in experimenting with the wrong recovery without an available firmware makes it kind of out of reach right now. The Root Method method mentioned uses Kingroot to root the device, then SuperSuMe to replace King -User with SuperUser. I know that this works because I've done it on both devices. I can assure you that messing with the recovery or flashing the UK495_10b firmware will brick , or at least nullify the ver2 device. There is a working stock firmware available for the UK495_10b I won't post links here because it's risky!!!! (But I will respond to PM's when I see them, I'm not on here all that much.) Warning: There is no Stock ROM or .KDZ available for the ver 2!!! there is however one for the first gen machines that works on the first gen units only!!! Hope this helps someone.