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    T-Mobile Coming to Iowa

    I've never had a problem with voice signals in the Crivitz/Lakewood area. Data is incredibly inconsistent, though. Despite it being a 4-bar area for CellCom. I'd be happy with a full speed 2G connection... 8-10KBps is plenty for the occasional email, web lookup, etc. Unfortunately, most of the time my indicator says 3G, my network ID app says I'm really connected at 1x. Gives me flashbacks to my Sprint days! I like the unlimited just because I like that I still have the unthrottled plan. I typically only use 4-6GB in a month. If FI could compete with Verizon, at least in 3G coverage, I think I'd jump at it. (Of course, I saw an article that says Verizon is starting to kick people off who use too much "extended network" data in the great plains states...
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    Hardware Problems Worth Fixing?

    Have you considered the Nexus 6P? You can get one on swappa for $200,and if the battery fails it sounds like you have the technical ability to replace it. It's a great phone, and I'm pretty sure you'll have no issue activating it Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Received SMS messages split up

    Yes, when roaming, MMS doesn't work reliably on USC. At least not unless you are on solid 3G/4G footing. If you're stuck somewhere where you have no data, MMS won't work at all.