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    System Update

    Blocking root is foolish on their part. Android is a Linux based OS that the manufacturers are commercializing. If you have ever used a computer with Linux on it, obtaining "root" or superuser permission is a way of life. My Note 8 will probably be my last android from Sammy because they are being this way. In my situation I haven't taken the update they are pushing because I haven't rooted yet because of the only being able to charge the battery to 80% once rooted but Sammy will only let you delay an update for so much time before it will just force the update through. At some point I will decide to root it and after a little digging I think I found a way to keep the old version of android until I do decide to go that route. There are apps called package disablers which allow you to disable BS on your phone without having root. The ones I found on the play store are paid apps and I chose the BK one in particular because it has a good rating. The system packages can be dangerous to disable but the app does give you the ability to do so. It also shows you what is safe to disable like bloatware. After some digging I found the necessary packages in the system file to disable to prevent the OTA Sammy update and so far so good. The update pop-up is gone. Now on to disabling some bloatware. Sorry about the long post but I just wanted to share with you guys. Maybe some of you are in a similar boat. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk