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    Question about Google Fi

    Thanks SO much for your input guys! I was a little worried since I'm in the middle of US Cellular country (Pacific Northwest boonies, east of Cascades). I get good signal at home, but doesn't matter because I'm connected to my wifi, but at work there's no wifi, but excellent USCC signal. Also, when I travel, it's usually to a large city, where I end up roaming, like last week in Vegas. I faithfully follow the TWiT network, and every Tuesday evening I watch their "All About Android" podcast live stream. The latest show mentioned an app that is best used with project fi...it might be the same one you all mentioned. I'll check it out for sure. Now I just need to wait and see what the next Pixel phones will be. can't wait! p.s. wasn't there a way to +1 someone's reputation?
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    Roaming issue

    If it is not a model US992 it will not work reliably or at all. No software will change the hardware From a quick Google search there is only one model that starts with US Have you tried factory resetting the phone? Frankly if it's used I would blow away the firmware and flash an official rom for security anyway Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk