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  1. Any idea on getting LTE to work on an unlocked S4?

    Yeah, I had the sim active already, so that wasn't an issue. Just popped it in and instant 3G data. Hey, 3G is better than 1X anyhow!
  2. So I have a US Cellular branded S4. Went to the local corporate store, had them sim-unlock it. I popped my Verizon LTE sim in and boom 3G data (2-3mb download speed), calls, texts and MMS (using 8sms app). So i'm definitely a LUCKY and HAPPY camper! But I would LOVE to know if theres any way to get LTE running on this beast? Thanks for the help in advance!
  3. Waiting on a iPhone 5S unlock!

    Hahaha, totally understandable. Well I was gone for a bit, came back, iTunes said my iPhone was unlocked. Took my sim out and slipped my Verizon LTE sim in to test, everything is working 100%. Glad that's finally done!
  4. Waiting on a iPhone 5S unlock!

    OMG! Hahahaha! That's amazing! It's a name, I don't understand why people have to be childish about it. As long as it's not racist/offensive, I don't see the harm really!
  5. Waiting on a iPhone 5S unlock!

    It certainly wouldn't strike me as a long story. Sounds like it's a personal experience that turned into a username
  6. Waiting on a iPhone 5S unlock!

    Oh btw, love the username! Hahaha
  7. Waiting on a iPhone 5S unlock!

    Well since i'm a non-customer they'd probably shove me back out the door. When I phone customer service, they're quite nice. If I go into a proper store they're always rude.
  8. Waiting on a iPhone 5S unlock!

    I pray. Having no phone to use at all right now is a bit frustrating
  9. Waiting on a iPhone 5S unlock!

    No, I don't have US Cellular anymore, but I went over their device unlocking policy with someone from their 800 number and they said they'd be more than happy to submit the form for the unlock since the IMEI was clear and had no unpaid bill. That was on Friday. I called today to try and get a status update to see if it's in the process of being unlocked and the customer service rep had NO idea what I was talking about so they transfered me to Tech, the Tech guy couldn't figure out how to find the status. I'm totally in the dark.
  10. Waiting on a iPhone 5S unlock!

    I was wondering if anyone can share their experience in waiting for an unlock to be processed from US Cellular? I called and had them fill out the form to initiate a sim unlock on my 5S, waited 48 hours and did a restore in iTunes, still has the activation policy tied to USCC. Just figured i'd ask here before I try and explain in "simple English" to a regular rep on the phone. Thanks!
  11. Hard-bricked R530U 16GB 4.3 MJA

    thankfully the phone is turning on again without the sd card, I have calling and 3G but no 4G. Wonder if it's an APN issue, not like i'd know where to begin anyhow, as I can't find APN settings in 4.3
  12. Hard-bricked R530U 16GB 4.3 MJA

    With the other card, I tried many formats, different images from different carriers, 16GB S3, 32GB S3, etc. With this card, first try and boom. I just don't understand. I was preparing to find a repair place to do the fix, but theres nothing here in the grand ol' state of Maine.
  13. Hard-bricked R530U 16GB 4.3 MJA

    OMG! Just went to best buy to return the 16gb card I bought. Went to Target, paid the EXACT same money for another card, this time a Lexar, also class 10, but not a UHS-I, wrote the image, put it in the phone, BOOM, vibrate and into download mode! NO WAY, i'm seriously crying right now.
  14. Hard-bricked R530U 16GB 4.3 MJA

    Thinking I may return the 16GB Card I bought the other day and go to another store and try to find a plain class 10 16gb card. Maybe the UHS-I is interfering in some way?
  15. Hard-bricked R530U 16GB 4.3 MJA

    It was a total accident that the rpm file got flashed. When I realised what happened it was just too late. I'll try pulling the battery. Nothing else I can try, I've done everything I think?