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  1. Actually they do not. Not anymore anyway. When Verizon launched unlimited, they decided to not throttle video. As a result both T-Mobile and Sprint backpedaled on their video throttling practices and are/will no longer require throttled video. T-Mobile may still require you to opt out of the throttling. At&t is throttling on some plans and not on others. Verizon unlimited is technically superior. No video throttling. No throttling when you hit 22 GB. US Cellular is the only carrier that hard throttles at 22 GB. Everyone else deprioritizes only if the network is busy, which is typically way faster and in many cases there is no reduction in speed.
  2. I have seen a lot places across Iowa lately where I can get 3G but not 4G. And not just rural areas but entire towns. Their coverage map shows 100% coverage in these places. I hope they actually to get coverage there before they migrate over completely to VoLTE. That's all I get when I do a speedtest in Cedar Rapids. Often times slower. What's the point of buying all this AWS spectrum if they don't use it? From what I have heard they may not even have 700 Block A in use yet in many markets unless they didn't have B or C. That's really sad if it is true.
  3. I can't help but find this increadibly sad and hilarious at the same time. The last time I was in one of their stores earlier this year they tried to sell me a new plan (I'm on one of the old National Family plans). They told me it would save me a lot of money but when they added it up it unsurpsingly did not. But they still tried to convince me it was worth it because of all the points I would get and how I could use all those points to buy things. So the only thing they could tell me that would make upgrading to a new plan worth while they just took away. One really does have to wonder about this company. Rumor has it iWireless is preparing to enter the current decade and start building an LTE network this year. I'll be watching their progress. Yeah they have gotten pretty bad. The vast majority of their competitors are a joke and they know it. Even the ones that have run fiber to the home are not competitive. Unless you live in Oskaloosa, Indianola, or Cedar Falls.