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  1. iPhone 6 Unlock

    Customer service is basically saying that if its a "world" phone it should be unlocked for international use on GSM carriers. It's excellent if it works internationally out of the box since US Cell iPhones are selling for much less than other ones and if they are already unlocked - I should be all set. There was a thread on MacRumors that had a couple of people saying that the iPhone 5S wasn't unlocked when they took it internationally which makes we ask more questions but I guess their website pretty much says that the phone should be okay without US Cell. needing to do anything to it. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1672927
  2. iPhone 6 Unlock

    Should have made it more clear. I'm buying one off craigslist and need it to work abroad - I'm not looking to use it in the US and don't have a US cellular account to have it unlocked (if that's what it needs). I was assuming that world phones are unlocked for carriers outside the us without the need to ask US Cellular to do it for you.
  3. iPhone 6 Unlock

    Can someone confirm that you can use the US Cellular version of the iPhone 6 abroad on GSM networks? It's supposed to be a global phone and I'm not sure if it works that way. US Cellular customer rep had no clue. Looked up the website and repeated the same information