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  1. WiFi won't turn on

    Hi, I was trying to update my electrify m to MoKee custom rom and was in a process of taking backups which went fine. After updating to a custom recovery and custom rom WiFi would just not turn on. I tried to update it and it would just grey out. I tried to see the advanced and nothing showed up in WiFi mac address. I tried to revert it back to Motorola JB firmware, but still the same problem Does this mean that my WiFi is dead or is it a software issue which can be rectified. Please advise. Thanks!
  2. WiFi won't turn on

    ok, as advised i will wait for this to be fixed on its own rather than send it to service. Thanks for your time and guidance
  3. WiFi won't turn on

    Thanks for a reply. yes i have tried rebooting more than 10 times and still wifi would not turn on. Can you please guide me on this. if there is something that can be done to check if it is turned off due to some other app or so.