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    VoLTE is just meant to get people off of the CDMA network so that it can be refarmed for LTE, I've tested CDMA and VoLTE on LG U+ in South Korea and the difference in quality was negligible. USCC's LTE network doesn't use device ID validation like their CDMA network does, so it's currently possible to use LTE/GSM devices on USCC as data only devices, but since USCC supports VoLTE you should have full voice support on USCC now. I've personally confirmed that the AT&T Galaxy S6 Active works on USCC as a data only device with a U.S. Cellular 4G LTE SIM card inserted, if anyone wants to confirm a LTE/WCDMA device supports VoLTE on USCC, be my guest. You just need a device that supports LTE band 5/12. I believe the reason it says only iPhone 7 is supported is due to manufacturer restrictions, the OEM has to enable VoLTE on the device for it to work. That being said the iPhone 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, and SE all support VoLTE, so maybe the site is incorrect. VoLTE implementation also only requires tower software upgrades, not hardware as far as I know.

    Sorry if this has been posted earlier, but holy doo-doo!
  3. Hypothetical LG G3 US990 GSM Unlock

    It looks like from the thread people were only able to pull 3G WCDMA, not GSM/EDGE. This may be due to the missing power amplifiers on the motherboard but AT&T shut down GSM this year so this is likely irrelevant.
  4. Looks like people are able to enable GSM on US990 by flashing the Sprint LS990 kernel. If someone is willing to try this please let me know if it works or not. If this is true that means FCC band certification doesn't mean doo-doo, additionally if you compare a USCC G3 motherboard with a Verizon G3 you'll notice the USCC G3 is missing many components and has empty solder pads anywhere, so I don't know how this is possible. Also if this does work on the USCC G3 it will likely also work on the USCC G Flex 2 since the Sprint G Flex 2 supports GSM as well. Try it and let me know! The user in the first thread was supposedly able to get calls up and running through GSM, but no data.
  5. Maybe it works after all.. I have my doubts

    They don't work on GSM networks overseas, pre-2015 USCC Sammies will pull LTE in South Korea, but no voice. Maybe LG doesn't secure their RIL the way Samsung does?
  6. Here is a seriously edited video claiming to show a US Cellular G3 working on a GSM network, just thought I'd share for the record
  7. Figured I'd update this after a year with new information. Unlocked USCC Sammies don't get LTE data on CDMA networks such as Verizon, even if it supports band 13. This is because the APN settings are locked out when using a USCC device on a CDMA network. I am unsure if this is the same case if using a SIM from a GSM carrier.
  8. If you have an S6 or S7 it's already unlocked
  9. Sim Unlock Yet again

    The fact that the IMEI starts with 99 is irrelevant, a type allocation code of 99000XXX just means the phone is either multi-mode LTE/CDMA or multi-mode LTE/GSM/CDMA. It doesn't necessarily mean the phone will work on GSM bands, the fact that the phone has an IMEI to begin with doesn't guarantee GSM functionality whatsoever, LTE uses IMEI too. Nobody here can give you the NCK code to unlock the SIM slot, only USCC can unlock the S4 and it must be done in store. The fact that you thought it was a good idea to use Samsung's tier 1 call center in India to try to say the phone is software locked is pretty hilarious tbh The GSM block is at the radio interface layer, the phone was not certified for GSM bands by the FCC and thus it cannot operate on them. When unlocked the USCC S4 will work on Verizon 3G for calling/texting/data and T-Mobile LTE for DATA ONLY. You can't use it on GSM, you haven't shown any proof thus no one here has any reason to believe you, quit wasting our time.
  10. Just for USCC, unless the phone was unlocked
  11. Yea, my S5 just spontaneously became clean today so it should happen eventually.
  12. U.S. Cellular doesn't block phones for nonpayment, the only carrier in the US that does that is T-Mobile. The account itself would end up being sent to a collections agency and the ESN will clear up automatically(I had this happen before with a 6 Plus, the ESN cleaned itself after a while), I just am having a hard time gauging when this will happen.
  13. ey b0ss I recently purchased a USCC S5 for $40 that's still active on an account, but the account is suspended due to nonpayment. How long will it take for the account to cancel and the ESN to become freed up?
  14. Just have them create a ticket to add the ESN into their database, it takes like a day...
  15. S7 Edge Colors

    And the funny thing is, the hardware is the same across all US variants, it's just different modem configurations for different model numbers