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  1. back to activation.
  2. so if i have my Rsim10, and i go to unlock it using a AT&T SIm or T-mobile it kicks it me back to activation
  3. Bad Esn Iphone paid 15$ for it, working on a carrier unlock...made alot of progress.. need to know if this phone is Sprint Variant? Nobody in my country seems to heard of US Cellular ....please help
  4. this phone can be unlocked with R-sim 10,, currently running t-mobile.
  5. perhaps because i flashed it to page plus..
  6. if not, i can compile one. just wondering if there isn't already one available?
  7. May have just stumbled upon the CSC number

    im going to add to this we can flash most any rom..lets keep this going
  8. Does anyone want their phone flashed to Page+?

    i have been flashing N4 style roms all day today with no problem...i love page plus
  9. Doing 10$ remote flashes today, 10$...fast and reliable.
  10. check out this post. https://plus.google.com/+ShannonPatterson/posts/AUeFewyYkc6
  11. note 3 is still a 300$ phone, it should support a high level of customization
  12. I need to really update this forum its so slow, i see threads from June and July, are you saying those threads are the latest for our rom? how about we get links for converters, and roms updated? this forum is just too slow.