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  1. [ROM][US990][LMY47V][5.1.1] Team OctOs Oct-L

    Installed the 5/6 build over the weekend. Working well so far and resolved some Bluetooth issues I was having with an old/old ROM. Thanks for all the hard work on the ROM. Should I install the weekly updates regularly? Will they install as updates so I won't have to back everything up?
  2. G5 - Anyone Got One

    I'm paying $10/month for the connection charge on my G3 which I had on a BYO plan. I see it is $15 for the installments. Will it stay $10 if I buy outright? Any other benefits of avoiding installments?
  3. G5 - Anyone Got One

    Thinking of jumping on the introductory offer on the G5 to get the charging cradle and extra battery. Anyone get it? Do I have to buy with the new monthly installment plan or can I buy one outright?
  4. [New] USCC Removing Unlimited 4G from 2+ Year users.

    Well I waited for the very last day and called yesterday to see if I could come up with something from USCC to replace my unlimited plan. After spending a few minutes with the first rep, he quickly escalated me to someone who could offer me some decent deals. I stayed calm and explained why I thought losing my plan was a raw deal. I threatened to go to another carrier... more or less I played the game you have to play with any ISP/Cable provider to get to a retention specialist and get some deals. I had a couple of things going for me. I bought my wife a 15-day return LG G3 and had her on a pre-pay plan. So I knew that throwing her into a shared plan would allow me to get a decent amount of data at a reasonable cost. USCC offered me 5 free GB of data for a year added on to a shared plan. I had just gotten a subsidized phone in January and I was able to pay $150 to become eligible for upgrade saving me $30/mo in monthly connection fees. This allowed me to get the 20 GB + 5 GB free and add two phones for $10 a month, putting the plan at $160/mo which is pretty close to what I'm paying today. Not ideal as I had to fork out $150 and I lose unlimited data. But I can live with it.
  5. LG G3 Root Guide

    I found the same thing. Vol up then plug in the cable.
  6. LG G3 Root Guide

    I followed the directions and besides a scary fastboot mode started message during a reboot (which was resolved by pulling the battery and rebooting again) things went pretty well. One thing I found was the flash2 folder needed to be all lower case. I created the folder as Flash2 and the image did not flash to the phone until I renamed the folder in all lower case. Thanks for all the work putting together this guide and discovering the root process guys! This was by far the most involved process I've had to go through to root. So question: After the loading the 10C image I see that I'm running 4.4.2. I assume I'll lose root if I install the OTA updates. Is there access to the kdz to get to 4.4.4?
  7. [New] USCC Removing Unlimited 4G from 2+ Year users.

    So I'm dumb now? I guess you have everything all figured out. I actually knew they could discontinue the plan. I was given assurances when I signed up that I'd be able to keep this plan. I am angry that they let me use ETF if they intended to phase out the plan just two months later. I'd be much less raw about this if they phased it out 6+ months in, but I just renewed. Again customer service is important. So you can keep being a USCC apologist and I'll keep being pissed off at them. Regardless I'm in a tough spot. I'll see if I can make something work with their customer support but no reason to move off the unlimited plan just yet. If anyone else is working USCC for deal off of this perhaps you can post what kind of deal they offered you.
  8. [New] USCC Removing Unlimited 4G from 2+ Year users.

    I also have a right to take my complaints to USCC and hopefully get some sort of deal. If they're going to phase out the plan then don't let me renew it 2 months prior to ending it. My 2 year deal expired in August. I renewed in January. I don't know how personal responsibility comes into it. If a business wants my service they should deal with me in a straightforward manner. They should have discontinued ETF on this plan instead of taking ETF then yanking it out 2 months later. Did I know it was possible they'd phase it out, yes. Do I have a right to be pissed about how they did it, hell yes! In the end I'm stuck in a contract for 18 months with a deal I didn't sign up for. But that's my personal responsibility? I should ignore the bait and switch and acknowledge this is all my fault? Come on, get some perspective.
  9. [New] USCC Removing Unlimited 4G from 2+ Year users.

    You don't have to be an ass about it. Sheesh. I get that you don't feel sympathy for those of us who feel screwed by this, but I'm 3 months into a new 2 year commitment and I'm either going to have to change my usage habits significantly (which is difficult as I use my 4G data plan for Internet at my lake house) or I'm going to have to pay significantly more to get the same service. That sucks for me, and yes, USCC did pull the rug out from under me regardless of the fine print.
  10. [New] USCC Removing Unlimited 4G from 2+ Year users.

    Well this sucks big time as I rushed out and upgraded to get ahead of the January 8 deadline only to have my data plan swiped out from under my feet. So what are our options here. 7GB for $40 isn't going to cover it for me. I'm using 15 - 20 GB some months. At this point since just about every other carrier on the planet has better deals than USCC can I give them my phone back and say F you?
  11. I upgraded to a new subsidised phone right before the "force you to a current plan" policy went into effect. Was able to keep my unlimited plan with no issues.
  12. So what if I want to add a line or two to my account? Can I still keep unlimited data?