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  1. plus where is "northern wisconsin?" If you're north of Hwy 29, generally, you're on VZW/Cellcom and not actually on USCC.
  2. Yes, no data service in Alaska. I talked to roamer support when I was there..... 4 years back? I wasn't suprised. It's Alaska, I'm sure the providers charge quite a bit for data up there. I know when I was there it was near impossible to find a prepaid vendor.
  3. Well..... could be VZW users using it all up... because you know VZW uses Cellcoms LTE in the extended areas (but shows home coverage)
  4. They overlaid most of their coverage area already. I can't wait till T-mobile starts working on the rural areas around here... because I am gone then.
  5. While.... it would be nice.... this is 'new year, new rumor'.
  6. Did USCC knock their heads and forget they are a cellphone company?
  7. Registered, Roaming, Band 14, T-mobile. Everything works, including data over LTE. Just thought it was slightly odd.
  8. Maybe my Electifys 4G antenna is on the way out? I'd swap my SIM with my Nexus but I dont want to deal with some stupid autoprovisioning. However, my Nexus still saw USCC when I network-searched with my T-mo sim.
  9. So.... oddity.. Apparently USCC in-market roams on T-mobile. My Electrify M currently says "T-mobile"....... smack dab in the middle of Appleton.... at my house where I've always had coverage....
  10. Would USCC activate a Bestbuy bought MOTO G 4G LTE 32gb? I'm not sure the ESN would be in the database. The phone is purchased unlocked. TIA
  11. Oh, if only the data was a little less expensive on Fi, I'd be over in a heartbeat. My main issue is that I use about 2.5ish gigs a month, which brings me close to what I pay per month at USCC with 5gb of data.
  12. I have 24/2 service with Uverse, the node is right behind my house which might have something to do with my story. I have no complaints about the service. It's solid, I get the rated speeds, and I haven't bumped the cap yet. Now, the cell service... I have no experience with other than when T-mo roams on it past waupaca.
  13. I'd just be happy to not be a third rate citizen on VZW's 3G network when i'm not at home.
  14. To answer some Questions, yes, I'm eligible... but I don't like being under a contract and this phone has been a tank for me other than this issue. I also like the fact that it can still do both LTE and voice at the same time (The X can't). While I could get a Sammy and put a new rom on in, I prefer the "light touch" of just rooting stock and removing crap. I'm holding out for the Nexus as long as it has all the GSM frequencies according to gsmarena and I can figure out a way to get the GSM unlocked so when I travel abroad I can just throw my Tmo sim in it.
  15. Yeah, so... any ideas? According to the other thread New US Cellular Repair Prices... 150.00...