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  1. TMO possible acquisition

    Morgan Stanley: T-Mobile could merge with Sprint or buy out U.S. Cellular in 2017 I am hoping this will, I was extremely happy with every aspect of TMO except their rural coverage.
  2. LG V20

    I bought one. Originally wanted the Nexus XL, but the price increase and lack of features swayed me. Seems pretty nice so far using Nova launcher, however I miss wireless charging and wifi assistant..... hopefully LG will also do a better job of updates than they have in the past.
  3. LG V20

    $648 Plus a $100 usc gift card and the B&O earphones seems like a decent deal. Never thought I would stray from Nexus devices, but the Pixel xl 128GB is $869
  4. Android M Preview for Nexus 6

    The new modem (.16R) seems to be working well on 5.1.1. I'm not sure I'm willing to give up root and custom rom features for M just yet.
  5. Roaming Indicator Off

    This appears to be fixed in the latest cm12.1 nightly (5-25).
  6. Google project fi

    This doesn't seem to compete with family plans, my current USCC plan is 4 lines/8GB for ~$110 (including corp discount excluding taxes). Project Fi would be $160 for the same data and less rural coverage. Off course I would get ~$20 back for unused data depending on the month, but I don't see an advantage unless I'm missing something. TMO coverage is terrible in Iowa and Sprint is mediocre at best.
  7. TMO N6 unable to activate on USC?

    It was just a random CSR I talked to, but she was extremely helpful. I originally was calling because they never reactivated my old phone after attempting to register the nexus and she indicated she should be able to help. There was a tech she was working with and in addition to the MEID and SIM# they needed the Nexus SSN. She said I was the first person she knew of to register a tmo nexus and it took a couple attempts and 45min's on her end. Hopefully others will have a smoother time activating them than I did, but it saved me the hassle of returning/buying a new phone
  8. TMO N6 unable to activate on USC?

    I called back and a USC Rep activated it! It took forever and something special was required on her end but I have a tmo nexus 6 working on USC.
  9. I bought a unlocked Nexus 6 on ebay assuming it was a play store version due to no carrier logo and lack of seller description. When I received it I noticed a TMO designation on the box. USC says they will not activate it.... is that correct? My understanding was there is one US version that supports CDMA and GSM and could be activated anywhere.
  10. April 28 * Android 5.1.1 * Any and all upstream updates ** NOTE: I won't be doing anymore "releases" from this point on i'm going to just have a bot build nightlies. As CM starts supporting cm-12.1 nightlies for different variants (like klte and kltespr) i will drop them and only compile the remaining ones since there is no point in having two nightly builds that are identical
  11. April 16 * Fixed MMS sending and receiving issues * A good amount of stability updates from upstream * android 5.1 r5
  12. April 9 * Any and all upstream changes at time of compile * fix for google messanger was refined and merged * Mute and hold buttons now work in dialer * Home button will not do anything unless the screen is fully awake
  13. April 4 * Fixed lag with incoming and outgoing calls. * Any and all upstream changes at time of compile.
  14. It still has the call bug and I've had features like mms not work untill a reboot.... the joys of bleeding edge.
  15. Well that was fast.... Mar 30 * Fixed issue of package installer FCing at the end of manually installing an app * A decent amount of updates/cleanup/small bug fixes by all the CM devs * Synced with source as of 5PM PDT * Updated gapps link to point to my web server instead of dev host