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  1. I see that verizon and other carriers offer video calling and I don't think it uses data? Is there something available for us on the galaxy s8 with uscellular that will enable us to do that? Also, I've apps or maybe native apps on other carriers that allow for you to send a quick voice message directly to a person through a text message... is that available for us and does it use data? ps> can you tell me if GOOGLE DUO is a solution?
  2. USCELLULAR SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 AND SLIMROMS GPS FIX FOR D2USC - SLIMKAT 4.4.4 8.20 WEEKLY... GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! I have been on the last few 8.xx weeklies of slimkat and recieving cell service/signal and mobile data only after flashing imoyeson's leankernel V9.17, but getting no GPS functionality whatsoever. It was my understanding that to fix this, we would have to factory reset, format system, wipe cache and dalvik. Then, install the factory touchwiz rom from uscellular, get a GPS fix and install the slimkat 8.16 weekly or newer. For arguments sake, and for my sanity (didn't have a factory uscellular zip) - I performed the following and am currently getting cell service, mobile data and an accurate GPS Fix! 1. Factory reset, format system, wipe cache and dalvik 2. Installed Slim-d2lte-4.4.4.build.7.2.1-WEEKLY-6080.zip 3. Installed Slim_full_gapps.4.4.4.build.7.x-187.zip 4. Setup WIFI connection, turned on GPS (google maps was already installed and did not setup Gmail account) ** Cell service, mobile data and an accurate GPS Fix working great (after stepping outside my metal office building) ** 4. Performed a WIPE CACHE AND DALVIK ONLY 5. Installed Slim-d2lte-4.4.4.build.8.20-WEEKLY-8135.zip 6. Installed Slim_full_gapps.4.4.4.build.8.x-385.zip 7. Booted up and setup GMAIL Account without Backup and Restore option 8. Had to run PLAY STORE and accept agreement to INSTALL GOOGLE MAPS (was not on device for some reason) * I did run GPS TEST and cleared AGPS then Updated AGPS before installing MAPS, but I am not sure this did anything at all * ** At this point I had no Cell service/signal or mobile data (a known issue with Slimkat 8.x versions ** 9. Turned on Location services (left mode at hi-accuracy), stepped outside and started Google Maps 10. GOT AN ACCURATE GPS FIX! 11. Rebooted recovery 12. Installed Imoseyon's Leankernel for KitKat 9.17 - lk_s3aosp_kitkat-v9.17.zip 13. Rebooted to system ** Cell service, mobile data and an accurate GPS Fix working great (after stepping outside my metal office building) ** Attached SCREENSHOTS and BUGREPORTS for our awesome developers - BUGREPORT 7.2.1.zip and BUGREPORT 8.20.zip bugreport 7.21.zipbugreport 8.20.zip