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  1. The $100 card for iPhone's is for new line activation's only. As of right now it doesn't appear U.S. Cellular is promoting this offer on their website, just in store and on their employee internal site.
  2. Data usage controls...

    It is possible to go a little over even with the data usage controls. The problem is that with the controls they cannot interrupt a current data session in progress. If someone is watching a video on YouTube it will not stop it half way through because the limit has been reached. Instead once the video is finished, if they have reached their limit they should not be able to start another data session. Most controls I've seen have been pretty accurate of disabling data at the set limit within 50-100 MB.
  3. Payoff retail unstallment

    November 24th 2014 was when they changed from 24 months to 20 months on smartphones.
  4. Payoff retail unstallment

    With the Early Upgrade Program you do have to trade in the current device and start a new retail installment contract on a different device. After 12 payments they don't allow you to stop and just turn in the phone, you have to re-up or continue paying until the device is paid off at either 20 or 24 months depending on when you started on the program. The other option would be to just pay off the remaining balance at any time, and the phone is yours to keep.
  5. The Galaxy S5 and Note 4 were the last Samsung devices that had the capability. Everything after, including the Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6, and S6 edge do not.
  6. Yes. On LTE the Galaxy S5 CAN do voice and data at the same time.
  7. Verizon phone working with US Cellular...

    In my 3 years of 'sperging around with cell phones I have never heard of a SAP number. Google says it's an interface for cars with GSM radios to interact with SIM cards. Even if USCC's BYOD process seems a little convoluted, it's still a step in the right direction I guess. The SAP number is just the item ID number that the system uses along with the MEID to recognize the device. Most SAP numbers auto-populate in the system if it's a USCC device. If someone has a device from another carrier though they have to match it with a corresponding USCC SAP number that the system will recognize so they can get it to activate. We see this a lot with Verizon iPhone's, now that they can be activated with USCC.
  8. The Galaxy S5 does support simultaneous voice and data. Samsung phones that came out after the S5, like the Galaxy S5 Mini, S6, and S6 edge do not because of the single antenna you mentioned.
  9. Us cellular suspend line

    I've always thought the same, but relations has told me when the lines suspended and the customer doesn't have to pay for service for up to 150 days, the line is practically frozen. If you suspend a line 30 days before it was eligible and out of contract, no matter how long it's suspended, when it is resumed, the eligibility and contract timer will reflect 30 days from that day.
  10. Us cellular suspend line

    There are a few options to suspend the line. Short term suspension is a max of 60 days, at no charge. During suspension the monthly service charge may be waived. A seasonal suspension is a max of 150 days, at $4.95 a month. Again, the monthly service charge maybe waived. A thing to keep in mind for both, during suspension the eligibility timer and contract timer both pause. Meaning, they both stay intact, and actually extend depending on the length of suspension. For either one, call customer service and they can set it up.
  11. Subsidized option going away for retired plans 1/8

    Customers will still be able to get subsidized pricing on Shared Connect Plans. This is in every communication sent out by USCC for the new promo starting 1/8. Customers on Legacy, Belief Plans, and Belief Evolved plans will have to migrate to the Shared Connect Plan for subsidized pricing, or they can stay on their current plan and pay full retail or do a new retail installment.
  12. Discounted Plans

    I have seen a few accounts with 32GB promo added after the customer talked to customer relations about excessive usage and high bills. Basically they are paying for the 16GB plan at $130, and getting 32GB of shared data. From what I can gather, U.S. Cellular is most likely adding these plans in the system to match the promos that At&t and Verizon did, by doubling data for the same price. No word on when these plans will be advertised or available to all consumers though.
  13. Christmas Promo?

    Prices were just changed as an enhancement starting on 12/11. iPhone 6 16GB now $99.99. Galaxy S5 now $99.99 Galaxy S4 now $.01 Standard Moto X 2nd Gen now $.01 All with new 2 year agreements or upgrades. Doesn't appear to be anything else on the horizon as of right now.