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  1. US Cellular now Project FI Provider

    Got bored tonight and decided to stop back by! I had posted about leaving USCC for Fi back in late February...I kept Fi for 3 months, then switched to AT&T prepaid for 2 months after I got fed up with having no T-Mobile service near my home and poor Sprint service (1xRTT mainly). I was mostly happy with AT&T but as soon as I heard that USCC had partnered, I returned. Man, is it nice to have access to USCC coverage near my home AND avoid their poor 3G Verizon roaming when I'm travelling. My experience has been so good that my entire family has migrated over to Fi and the savings over our old Family Share 1000 plan are nice too.
  2. Google Project Fi

    Just caught my 6P with Fi roaming onto US Cellular. Sprint apparently has a roaming agreement with them in Eastern NC. I figured as much since Sprint's roaming coverage pretty much exactly matches USCC's coverage map. Nice to get real world confirmation, though. Data speeds are similar to what I achieved when I was a USCC customer roaming on Verizon/Sprint: too slow to really do anything other than basic web browsing. To me, data speeds mean nothing when roaming...all I need is calling and texting, both of which continued to work quite well. So far, I'm satisfied. I've yet to be without voice coverage. Do note that Fi support is clueless when it comes to domestic roaming. They follow their own coverage map to the T and will not affirm or deny if you'll have domestic roaming in an area. One rep simply said, "I know the phone MAY roam if the default carriers (Sprint/T-Mobile) are unavailable. We don't have any coverage information we can release where roaming is concerned." Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  3. Nexus 6P Rom Index and setup

    I've read the nightmares on XDA...maybe you should add yours! Luckily it seems that Google will happily support devices bought through their store.Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. Nexus 6P Rom Index and setup

    Day 2 with my 6P and I'm loving it! *runs for cover* So, do you have to worry about any traces of rooting being left behind on this guy? Want to be able to return full stock should I need so my warranty will stay intact. I'm specifically referring to what Sammy's done with KNOX. Off topic: Hope this Huawei proves reliable in the long run. I got 3 solid years out of my S4 and I'm hoping to do the same with the 6P. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  5. Nexus 6P on Prepaid

    Day 2 with the 6P. You're right, I love the Nexus! I was running a GPE ROM on my S4 so this was just what I wanted. I did have one random reboot, but hopefully that was just a fluke. Also, Project Fi isn't half bad. I get decent service at my house, which is saying a lot. I saw T-Mobile coverage when I first set up the phone, but it seems to have settled onto Sprint. Either way, I'm impressed. I really wish USCC would implement WiFi calling, but that's a topic for another day. I'll keep y'all posted if I decide to switch back. Quick question: is there a way to see which carrier bands are available in an area? Curiosity is getting to me. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  6. Nexus 6P on Prepaid

    Just put in my order for a 32GB Nexus 6P with Nexus Protect! Can't wait! I went to our local USCC store and spoke with the agent that has helped out our family for about 15 years...she said that I can activate the Nexus 5X on a prepaid plan, which means the 6P should work as well.
  7. Nexus 6P on Prepaid

    Awesome. If for whatever reason they won't allow it on the prepaid account, I may be transferring over to Verizon's prepaid seeing as the coverage is similar and the prices are identical... Either way, this 3 year old S4, no matter how good it's been to me, has to go. This will be my first Nexus device and I'm quite excited about it! Thanks for your help!
  8. Nexus 6P on Prepaid

    Hey guys! Looking to purchase a 32GB Nexus 6P from the Google Store in the next couple days for exclusive use on Project Fi. Doing this will bring me out from underneath my parent's dated Family Share 1000 plan and save me quite a bit of money. Should I not like the service I receive with Fi, I'll be looking to return to US Cellular on their 2GB Prepaid plan. Is USCC a stickler for using unlocked phones with their prepaid service? I know at one time USCC wouldn't allow unlocked phones on their network and I want to make sure I'll be safe before I make my purchase. Reading Rub's story about his 6P wasn't all that reassuring, even if it was Huawei's issue. Thanks in advance!
  9. Well that was interesting... I ended up trying 3 different ROMs (including CM11) and none of them would interface the GPS. Finally ended up reflashing ClockworkMod recovery so I could nandroid back to stock. GPS worked fine on stock so using CWM, I reflashed the latest GPE. GPS is back and everything's working. Could the TWRP with F2FS support cause the GPS not to work? Either way, CWM and the latest lollipop GPE has everything working fine.
  10. Going back to 4.4.2. Was travelling earlier this week running the GPE ROM (my favorite, obviously) and the GPS was dead with no way to fix it. Flashed two different versions and GoogyMax kernel and nothing. Hopefully it's just the ROM and not my phone. Sent from my GT-I9505G using Tapatalk
  11. Can you post a screenshot of your voltages? I've wanted to undervolt mine for a while...
  12. New GPE just released. Still no 5.1, not stable enough yet.
  13. My two cents on f2fs: I tried one ROM (can't remember if it was fusion or saber) and used f2fs. I couldn't tell any difference in speed over ext4. From what I understand, it's supposed to help with flash longevity. Regardless, my phone is 2 years old, has been running ext4 flawlessly, and saw no benefit from f2fs. The incompatibility with most ROMs makes it virtually useless to me.
  14. Oh, I gotcha now. I'm not sure of the compatibility of the Hulk kernel. I'd never even heard of it until this latest GPE flash.
  15. Maybe we're not talking about the same ROM? Can you post links here? I can link the ROM I'm on