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  1. Got my Nexus 6

    Agreed. This thing blows the Galaxy out of the water. I love everything about this phone. The good thing about having to do the reset was I ended up with 5.1 and the phone seems even faster.
  2. Got my Nexus 6

    Did the pound button also. It did not work. I had a S3 and an S4 and never had to hit the pound button to get the notification to go away. After searching on google, this is a pretty common problem. The online rep said he had read about a lot of problems with this.
  3. Thanks Zenzr. I love the reaction I'm getting regarding the size of this phone. I showed it to my buddy and he said "hang on, let me take some vitamins before I pick it up."
  4. Just downloaded 5.1 and the phone seems a lot faster. This is a sweet phone.
  5. Got my Nexus 6

    And I did try leaving myself a message from our home phone. Didn't work. I think I did every possible thing I could find online but the factory reset did the trick.
  6. Got my Nexus 6

    I went ahead and did the factory reset. Problem solved. And I also got the 5.1 update. I also did the tap and go, which I skipped the 1st time (dumb move). Good thing was I had no photos on my phone yet and all my contacts remained. Thanks for the help, Amazing and Dance puppets.
  7. Got my Nexus 6 help online. I did a force stop on all apps in safe mode and that didnt do it. I have to call a "level 2" rep at Motorola. Online rep said he could do a factory reset but Id lose everything. Im going to try the level 2 1st
  8. Got my Nexus 6

    currently online with Motorola. I post a fix if I get one.
  9. Got my Nexus 6

    I keep hitting the "clear cache" button and nothing happens. And I already did a reboot system and that didn't do it either. I've also called and left myself a message and deleted the message and it still won't clear.
  10. Got my Nexus 6

    So the phone is up and running. I'm not going to demand my points back. After speaking to different customer service reps and having used to be one, it's apparent they aren't being trained correctly. I kind of feel badly for them. I was asked for the SIM ID on the box, which was not the correct SIM ID to get the phone running. The MEID number is the one that got the phone running. Props to Simon in the tech department. He's the one that got the phone running in probably 5 minutes. Yesterday, I took the phone in to a local USCC store to transfer the contacts. (Google sync wasn't working). I gave the phone to a rep and was asked "Where did you get this phone?" I told them USCC online and was asked "what phone is this?" Now if I can get this annoying voicemail message off my screen. Very common problem I've found by googling.
  11. I'm the newbie. That post was supposed to be a joke on me.
  12. Mods....please move this thread. Dumb ass newbies. That is all.
  13. Newbie here. Did not know that. Thanks.
  14. I misread bbeal's post. I got what he meant.
  15. I'd love to return the 1st phone. As soon as I get the replacement.