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  1. U.S. Cellular 4G LTE SIM card FAQ

    So, I'm to understand that I should disable DM mode to make it easier to unlock. In other words... disable the mode they put the phone in to enter an unlock code. I'm not sure that makes sense. BTW... the phone was freshly-ODIN'd to BOC4, and I went straight to the dialer... DM mode is disabled by default.
  2. U.S. Cellular 4G LTE SIM card FAQ

    This is good info. What is DM Mode? And what effect does it have on unlocking? I connect to band 4 (AWS/"XLTE") everywhere, so I don't see it as a problem. Also, I've seen it mentioned that qualcomm 8xx processors can be flashed using dev software to enable other bands. I'm not putting any eggs in that basket yet tho. I wish I knew all this going into the process. But, I'm still wary since I was told they postponed the Note 4 unlock method, and the guy attempted to do it manually.
  3. U.S. Cellular 4G LTE SIM card FAQ

    Correct. Note 4 indeed. It will significantly increase your chances of a successful unlock. By bringing it without the UICC, the only way the agent can verify if it's clean is through RIM, which means they have to create a dummy line just to run the MEID. Also what phone are you trying to get unlocked? Sammies before the S6/S6 Edge will only work with other LTE/CDMA carriers, they'll also work on T-Mobile but voice won't work, only LTE data. So... I've got this Note 4 that I can't use... and I'm 90miles away from the nearest US Cellular store. You're telling me that if I'd go back to a store and say I don't have a UICC, that I might be able to get it unlocked, and working on Verizon? Oh, jeeze... this is a tough call. Any idea why it failed when they tried it the first time? I believe they said that their default (easier/quicker) method wasn't working, or they had postponed the ability to use it... so they did some kind of manual thing. My wife said that the guy took another phone from the display, and was typing stuff into it and going back and forth with my phone. My wife called me and said "He's finishing up, and he's going to try to call you using my Verizon SIM card in the phone" I waited for 30min, and my wife finally called me back and told me everything about how the account the phone was on is blacklisted and everything. I really don't know more detail than that. Can anyone help to fill in the blanks for me? Is it possible that the phone is now "marked" in their system after going through this, so that it won't be easy as you guys say to get it unlocked? Thanks for the ongoing help.
  4. U.S. Cellular 4G LTE SIM card FAQ

    They tried to unlock it and it didn't succeed, so they investigated. My wife took the phone to a store while visiting her aunt, so I just know what I'm told. Are you saying I might be able to get it unlocked if I don't bring the UICC?
  5. U.S. Cellular 4G LTE SIM card FAQ

    Update... Turns out the USCC phone I got on amazon was blacklisted. Didn't find out til I took it to a store and they used the number on the UICC to see the account was defaulted, and owed $800+ Not sure why no one could tell me that on the phone from the IMEI, but anyway... Obviously they wouldnt unlock it, so the phone is unusable on any network. I won the amazon claim, got a full refund, and still have the device. Now my 18mo son has a nicer phone than I do. It'd be great if I could unlock the phone... but for now it just runs videos and apps wifi-only. Thanks to all for the help. PS... when I brought the phone in, it was fresh from Odin. The only indication of any tampering would have been the Knox flag and flash counter in download mode. All software was fresh and stock. They didn't mention anything about it.
  6. haha... I realize it's one of those "I know a guy that knows a guy that did it..." kinds of things. I'm actually kind of scared that I'm blowing hot air in all of your faces, too, since I've never actually done it. I can see the logic in it, though. CPU manufacturers have been pulling a similar trick for years, such that they make one cpu "template" and burn in the clocks to set the operating frequency. In other words... they could all be the highest-performance possible, but they intentionally set them to provide a spectrum of price/performance points. This can come in handy, though, when a portion of a chip does not meet spec, and they can essentially burn it out and create a "celeron" from a "pentium." However... The most impressive thing I can do with this N910R4 is to enable band 13 for secondary LTE (band 4 is the preferred "XLTE" band from Verizon), as it already supports the other bands. At that point... I just have to wait to get a weak band 4 signal and show connection to band 13. I guess I could disable band 4 as a proof that band 13 was working... but I'd rather not risk it my first time around. Maybe I'll take my wife's G3 with the cracked screen and disable all the CDMA bands, and then put my Verizon sim into it. If I can't connect, then it's a proof of concept. (don't hold your breath for me to do this) If anyone wants to send me a T-Mobile phone with an 8xx-series snapdragon in it... I'd be glad to try to enable CDMA bands on it and then put my Verizon SIM in. (I won't hold my breath for this)
  7. I wish I had a dime for every time this came up. I know you're aware of the differences, as there are several. But... I will elaborate. I've got 32GB + 128GB of storage on my Note 3. That's 2.5x as much storage as I could hope for on a Nexus 6, thanks to the absence of a uSD slot. Also, my usage patterns make it a staple to have a removable battery. Also... having a stylus is a plus. Not necessary, but if the Note series offers me everything I want in a good package, and a stylus too... let me have it. It's not a deal-breaker, but I'd be disappointed to lose it. Try the "Flip A Clip" app some day. If you've ever made a flip book on a pad of post-its... You'll want a stylus too. Further... I enjoy certain development-related perks of KitKat that are not yet available in lollipop. (for a few days, I held the Google Play record in Timberman with over 6 billion chops. I cheated. Yep, I know. That was the point. I did it for fun, and then uninstalled the app. When I uninstalled, I was removed from the leaderboards. No harm, no foul, right? I sincerely apologize if anyone here had a coveted top spot in Timberman for that period that I was on top. Undoubtedly, the leaderboards are clogged with cheaters even now.) I respect the Nexus 6. I have said in casual conversation that I'd buy one if it had 256GB of storage or more, and make do with a non-removable battery. But, I've taken 18 months of 4k video of my son... I have huge libararies of audiobooks and movies on my phone. It's all ready at a moment's notice. I use it all. A lot. I've outgrown the storage plateaus that Google/Moto were prepared to offer to the masses. Don't get me started there, either. Carriers want you to use data for accessing cloud storage, so they put pressure on the manufacturers to keep storage capacities low. There's no reason why the S5 was released on Verizon with only a 16GB option. Despicable.
  8. Permission to go off-topic? I'm not starting a thread on this just to explain my rationale. We don't even have to talk about it. I just made a casual mention that I could have saved 15% off the international version and been sure that I got an unlocked phone. Under regular circumstances, right out the box... you are both correct. However, modern Qualcomm-powered phones are supposedly able to be flashed using Qualcomm development software. Using QPST and QXDM, you can flash info to the NV memory, and yep... switch your bands around. Don't believe me? See here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s5/general/how-to-add-rf-lte-frequency-bands-to-t2886059 That thread is in the general S5 forum, and they literally say that the S5 can operate on any CDMA or LTE frequency in the world. They don't specify a model. It's the S5 in general. Still think that's a hoax? That thread prompted an article in the xda Portal, so there's some validity to it... http://www.xda-developers.com/add-frequency-bands-qualcomm/ Google "Enable bands Qualcomm" There are lots of threads on the topic. However, due to the complicated nature of the process, it's not exactly mainstream. It's not a "one-click" method, and definitely not for the uninitiated masses. One user even developed a Qualcomm NV Memory Calculator for converting desired bands to byte-swapped, little-endian hex values. Yeah, serious stuff. Don't let my low post count here fool you. I've been in the game for a while. But, until I do it myself... I'm not ready to say "you're wrong" As with many things, just because you haven't heard of it, or it wouldn't seem possible... doesn't make it impossible. I've seen some crazy things, and I'm hesitant to say that anything can't be done. The Asus ZenPhone 2 can run Windows 7, and it does an OK job at it. You can fit a Viper engine into a Dodge Neon, and it will be hella fast (and dangerous). Does that happen out of the box? hell no. It takes some know-how and elbow grease. I actually intended to buy the N910F (International GSM-only version) when I was sent the N910R4 instead. "Good enough" I said to myself, knowing that I just wanted an unlocked bootloader. I still intend to enable LTE band 13 via this method if I get poor LTE performance on Verizon, though. I just have to wait a week to try. I can't unlock the thing myself. Well... let me rephrase that... I haven't found a way to unlock it myself. That's more appropriate to the context of this post. That's how the International Version came up. Had I actually received an N910F, which is unlocked natively... I'd have a lot more personal experience to share with this, as I would have immediately attempted to toggle the bands to my liking. However, I wouldn't be sharing it here, as I never would have owned a USCC-branded device. I digress.
  9. You know we could all cut off 7 fingers... and then count the number of CDMA carriers on one hand. The seller stated "Unlocked for use on any CDMA network" and my Verizon SIM isn't recognized. So... It's not CDMA unlocked. I don't give a hoot about GSM unlocking on this phone. I don't think US Cellular phones even ship with any GSM bands enabled anyway. So... if I take it to a US Cellular store, and they do their mojo on it... and it still doesn't recognize a Verizon SIM... then it's going back. It's a shame that everything dragged on so long. I'd pick up an N910F (Unlocked International Edition) for an extra 15% off (#PrimeDay) and enable the proper bands on it. Or, at least I'd try. But, I've got my resources tied up in this USCC phone.
  10. I bought this N910R4 on Amazon. The description said it was unlocked for use on any CDMA network, but all signs point to "it isn't" So... I have to take it to a US Cellular store to get it unlocked. Unfortunately, the nearest store is 90+ miles away, so it's going to happen when my wife visits family in Maryland early next week. When/if it gets unlocked, I told her to try her SIM card in it to see what happens. (I'm not going with her) Ask me again some time 7 days hence.
  11. Thanks for the info. My understanding was that the finer features of the S-Pen (hover, pressure sensitivity, etc) were indeed "Touchwiz-only" due to the absence of proprietary stylus-related stuff in AOSP roms, so I asked in an AOSP ROM thread. What I heard back contradicts my understanding and yours, however: http://teamuscellular.com/Forum/topic/7949-rom-aosp-official-slimlp-alpha-trlteusc/page-4#entry166297
  12. I have an interest in using a Verizon ROM on a USCC phone, and using it on Verizon's Network. This is a different situation than wanting to use another carrier's ROM on a USCC phone and running it on USCC's network. I want to install MY carrier's ROM onto this phone, and use it on that carrier's network. What do I need to know to do this? I've been told recently not to flash Verizon software to the phone because it might brick... but I really don't understand why. My understanding is that the Note 4 hardware is pretty much identical among all Qualcomm-powered SKUs1. It makes sense that flashing another carrier's ROM onto a USCC phone might not enable you to make calls on USCC's network anymore because it'd be preconfigured for another carrier... But I don't yet understand what the dangers of flashing a ROM from my own carrier onto this phone are. It's like I'm shaving off the corners of the square peg that I bought in order to get it through the round hole that is my carrier. lol 1 1X/2G/3G/LTE Connectivity is determined by which bands are enabled on the phone, which is not technically a hardware difference. Some users have used Qualcomm dev software to enable/disable the appropriate bands for another carrier's device. Root is required, and a patched kernel may also be necessary, since some manufacturers have been known to block the change in the stock kernel. Most N910* devices support both GSM and CDMA for global connectivity, as well, so technically any of the big providers' devices are interchangeable if you know what you're doing. For instance, I'm pretty sure that I could enable CDMA bands on a T-Mobile phone (otherwise GSM-only) and use it on Verizon. This is a general statement for all devices powered by modern Qualcomm processors. Not many people have ventured down this path, and there isn't a significant amount of information available on it. YMMV I understand the constituent parts of what was explained in the converter... and some of them (APN settings, build.prop model number edits, etc) would not need to change for me. I essentially WANT everything to turn into Verizon... except for the unlocked bootloader. That's non-negotiable. lol I'm dipping my toe in the water of using this phone on Verizon... and starting with the stock USCC ROM just to get it activated. There are actually more USCC Roms for this phone than are available on Verizon because only those with the "Developer Edition" purchased straight from Samsung for full price have permanent root, let alone an unlocked bootloader. I do want to know my options, though. I may even end up flashing an AOSP rom onto the phone (as long as S-Pen support is solid and not much different than stock). Some of you in this thread already know my deal because I've been blowing up these forums trying to get this Note 4 unlocked and activated. (thanks again to everybody) but... Essentially, I bought a USCC phone because the bootloader is unlocked. If you think that Samsung phones are getting hard to develop for on USCC... try going to Verizon (actually, I don't recommend that) where practically none of the phones can be rooted or bootloader unlocked anymore. There are ZERO ROMs available to anyone that bought a Note 4 from their carrier. Everyone is jumping ship to the Nexus 6. I would have too, except for the battery and storage are both non-expandable. Thankfully, there's seemingly little that Verizon can do to stop Google/Moto from putting out an unlocked phone with compatible CDMA bands enabled. So... if I want to run this phone and keep the bootloader unlocked... but make practically EVERYTHING else Verizon-compatible... what does that take? Thanks! --Ryan
  13. How is the stylus/S-pen support? I thought only Touchwiz-based ROMs could support all features that make it an "S-Pen" and not just a "stylus" (hover, pressure sensitivity, the button, etc). However, B_Rich just informed me in the slimAOSP rom thread that the stylus support is there (just no Touchwiz menu when you pull the stylus out... which I never use anyway). Does anyone see any degradation in what this AOSP rom offers compared to Touchwiz? S-Pen related, or otherwise?
  14. Oh really? hmmmm... So, hover and the button work as expected, too? The last I checked with my Note 3, all the AOSP roms had a kludgy mouse emulation for the stylus. Does this apply to the PAC ROM, as well? I didn't want to post the exact same question there, for fear of spamming. Side note: I'm a verizon customer, and I bought a USC Note 4 to use on Verizon's network. Verizon locks all the bootloaders, so I've never had a chance to install an AOSP rom on my personal device. Only the "Developers Edition" has an unlocked bootloader, and they are expensive and in short supply, sold direct from Samsung.
  15. I searched the topic for both "stylus" and "pen" (S-pen), and got no results... How does this ROM handle the Note 4's stylus? My understanding is that the wacom drivers are proprietary, and only included in Touchwiz-based ROMs, so installing an AOSP ROM will lose things like pressure sensitivity, and the other fancier features of the S-pen... I understand the best that you can hope for is mouse emulation. I've never installed an AOSP-based ROM onto a Note before, but I've done a small amount of research. Thanks