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  1. Root Note 5

    Just purchased Note 5 on 11-20-15, with a little hesitation I rooted it on 11-21-15. Everything worked flawlessly.Just saying it can be done and this is the easiest way I found. download Beastmode-Stock-N20P-1.2 onto your phone, it is a zip file that you will need to extract after you install TWRP. Failure to install may actually cause you not to be able to install it later. (I never tried without downloading it first) Next download TWRP- onto your windows computer. Also need to install Odin3_v3.10.7 GET your phone into download mode (many threads to help with this i'm sure) run above Odin program check the Ap box and direct to TWRP- click the start button and then let the magic begin. Once the program finishes it should restart into the TWRP custom recovery. from there select install go to where you downloaded the Beastmode-Stock-N20P-1.2 kernel and select the program Beastmode-Stock-N20P-1.2. DOING SO WILL TRIP YOUR KNOX COUNTER.IT WILL ALSO ADD (KERNAL IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING) WHEN YOU START YOUR PHONE. Other than that it should work flawlessly. I am in no way responsible if you brick your phone.