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  1. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    Sorry, I have now updated my profile now everyone can contact easily.
  2. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    my email my phone# you are free to contact
  3. SlimKat Android 4.4

    You are welcome
  4. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    are you stuck at customer id error? if yes just hold power button for a while, you will pass through to bmm
  5. SlimKat Android 4.4

    mega expires links automatically here you have slimkat: https://mega.nz/#!IBh2EQwD!y24jcsXHChX5gQ-A0IU1jpDbEKBMZUACdj7ZNn1F7yI for gapps: opengapps.org/
  6. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    sorry for late reply.... and another sorry because i haven't used that rom well so i could not tell.
  7. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    These roms published by psyclip-R are nearly bug free.
  8. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    yeah they are buggy.
  9. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    500 of system, 800 of data, 300 of cache
  10. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    If you have patience then 1st partition sdcard else create system 3 and install rom. by partitioning sdcard you will have a seperate place for all virtual systems. you can search on google for sdcard partitioning. In short if you are new to electrify 2 then directly create system 3 and install rom on it.
  11. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    just tell me 1 thing wether you want to partition your sdcard or want to create system 3 on sdcard.
  12. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    I am using 6 out of 6 systems on my device and all 5 virtual systems are on sd card partition. if you partition your sdcard then i can tell you further.
  13. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    before you create a system open an root explorer like x-plore go to /system/etc/bmm/conf and edit bootmenu.prop(if doesn't exsist reboot the device or open bmm's manager) change the int with ext. Like loop@/int/clockworkmod to loop@/ext/clockworkmod. save it and reboot. now moto logo will appear after it bmm's robo will appear now tap it go to settings now you can create slots from system 3 to system 6. and dont use system 2 because it needs webtop partition which we don't have. slimkat DOES NOT need any kernel flash it means you don't need to flash boot.img given by psyclip-R.
  14. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    slimkat rom which is pulished by me is easy to install and for that you also don't need to remove customer id. You can find procedure on my blog: motorolaxt881.blogspot.com .
  15. Electrify 2 Custom Roms

    The bootloader of Motorola Electrify 2 does not support command : Fastboot oem get_unlock_data. So, it cannot be unlocked. For installing these roms you need to remove Cutomer ID, by that our bootloader doesn't detect which kernel is installed. These roms are based on photon 4g's kernel So, you need to flash provided kernel by psyclip-R. Now flash stock boot.img of our device then in bmm recovery remove your customer id. then flash provided boot.img. then install rom on any system except system 2. when you reboot you will see error customer id not found, just press and hold power button for 3-5 sec bmm's robo will appear. Further you know........