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  1. Can't Get 4G running stock

    PRL is 15141. Yes they gave me a new SIM
  2. Can't Get 4G running stock

    I retract my statement. Phone reverted to 3G within minutes.
  3. Can't Get 4G running stock

    For absolutely no reason I can explain, my phone just started operating with 4G again today. Wish I knew the root cause. I did not change any settings, or reboot.
  4. Can't Get 4G running stock

    Alright, doo-doo is about to get even more weird. Yesterday I took a small road trip, and I locked in 4G 100 miles from my home. Once I got back into "home territory" my phone switched back to 3G only. I went to the USC store again, the guy at the counter had me shut the phone off, they reset the data connection on their end, powered phone back up but no luck. Still 3G.
  5. Can't Get 4G running stock

    For what it's worth, I have nothing under Access Point Names, and have not had success trying to add one of the known APN's I've found on this site. I can add it, but then it doesn't appear in the list when I go back to APN settings.
  6. Can't Get 4G running stock

    While running the stock firmware/rom, it was set to CDMA/LTE. and RUIM/SIM. Roaming on. I've flashed CM13 (august 20th snapshot) again and have it set to LTE (recommended) When I have it set to LTE, the phone will randomly drop 3G, in areas where I would expect the phone to pick up 4G, but does not connect to 4G. It's like it is trying to connect, but not doing it. For now I am leaving it set to 3G, as the phone doesn't drop 3G signal in this mode. I'm taking another trip to USC tomorrow to see if they can help me out. I spoke on the phone with them and they seem more knowledgeable than the previous store I was at.
  7. Can't Get 4G running stock

    Should I go to a USC store and demand things until they give me a phone with working 4G? This sucks lol. Probably going to flash CM again since if I"m going to be on 3G forever, it might as well be on a ROM that i like.
  8. Can't Get 4G running stock

    Didn't have any luck locking in 4G with method mentioned above. Willing to try anything now. Any other ideas? Should I try *228 after booting?
  9. Can't Get 4G running stock

    Thanks for the clarification. If this works I'll PayPal you guys $10 lol
  10. Can't Get 4G running stock

    Alright I'll give it a shot! Factory reset from recovery. Boot up. Reset. Then factory reset from phone settings, reboot. I'll let you guys know!
  11. Can't Get 4G running stock

    Correct lol I mean three times. I think I'll try flashing stock one more time. If that doesn't work i'll flash Cm13 again, and try what coolasice posted. I'll let you guys know. 3G only sucks balls
  12. Can't Get 4G running stock

    Thanks for the input! Unfortunately ive already done exactly what you stated. I've flashed stock firmware 3x, and immediately upon booting gone to settings and factory reset. I'm not sure what else to do. Using odin 3.10.7, and firmware you linked.
  13. Can't Get 4G running stock

    Hey guys, hoping you can help me out since the guys at the USC store are unable to. I've recently been running CM13, flashed to the latest nightly, 9/8/16 and it sucked, was glitchy, etc. So I flashed back to the august 20th snapshot release. (KLTEUSC) Ever since then i've been unable to get 4G. I ran Odin and flashed the MM firmware, with the file from this site, and still can't get 4G. Took the phone to a USC store, they gave me a new sim card and spent 30 minutes on the phone with somebody from tech support or whatever. She was unable to find a solution (after factory resetting my phone) so she started a support ticket. I found the thread on here about being unable to get data, to flash the stock firmware, then do a factory reset. So, being the wise ass that i am, I flash the stock firmware through odin again, but couldn't get the phone to boot up. So i go into recovery and do a factory reset through there, which is explicitly stated not to do in the guide to getting data back. Is my phone totally effed and destined to be 4G-less forever? 3G coverage is iffy sometimes too. I'll be sitting here with 4 bars 3G, then the phone will just disconnect for a minute or two then reconnect again. Also, while on the stock firmware/rom, the phone does an update and changes the baseband to G900R4VXU2CPF2. The stock firmware i flashed is CPD. Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. Flashed and have MMS back, this ROM is the doo-doo
  15. Better Radio options?

    are NG3 or NK1 better than the BOC1 that I have? not sure on the timeline here lol. After flashing the 5.0 lollipop, i noticed the signal strength at my house is a little weaker than normal