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  1. Aaaannnddd I just found it. I found a few different downloads but for some reason they wouldn't work on the computer. Every thing you try to download has to be checked and then the computer slows to a crawl and its just not worth it. And on the download pages that work they have so many DOWNLOAD HERE and DOWNLOAD BELOW that you don't know which one is the actual download. The one I just found is on and the real download link was not showing up last night because its one of those CAPTCHA things and I guess it wouldn't load. Anyways, thanks for the quick response. I flashed it and everything is good! Its just this computer that I have to lose is so slow and messed up it was driving me crazy!!!!
  2. I think I'm going to stick with for now. I had heard 3 was a bit sketchy anyways. Can I ask you where you found that download? I don't know why, but all I could find was .img.
  3. Wow thanks! I don't know why but I couldn't find it anywhere. What started this whole mess was me trying to flash the new TWRP from twrp manager. It flashed twrp 3 or whatever it is and then wouldn't boot.. This computer Im on is soooo slow and pages freeze and crash and it was just getting frustrating. I couldn't find and .TAR for some reason and all the other ones I found wouldn't even download on this computer!!! It was a nightmare! Anyways, the link you gave me worked, I flashed it using Odin and my phone booted right up! Thanks man!!
  4. Today I flashed a new kernel on my phone it booted up it had the green dude and says " not turn off target!!!".I cant get it to do anything else. It will boot up into download mode but im not sure what to do. I think if I could just flash twrp with Odin then it might work. Im having an extremely hard time finding a twrp.tar that I can use with Odin. Can anyone help?
  5. OK so I tried installing temak cm13 and didn't like it so I tried to restore one of my backups and I keep getting E:extractTarFork() process ended with error 255. Can someone please help me fix this? I just want to restore a backup.
  6. OK so I tried installing this and didn't like it so I tried to restore one of my backups and I keep getting E:extractTarFork() process ended with error 255. Can someone please help me fix this? I just want to restore a backup.
  7. I want to try this but I can't get the gapps download to work. Any help?
  8. I'm actually kind of lost as to what this is. Sorry,i know that sounds stupid. I just know it says marshmallow and it doesn't seem to have as many problems as the CM thread. So is anyone running this as a daily driver? I really want to try marshmallow and cm for awhile. But I'm a little lost here. Can this just be flashed through twrp? I have the latest version of twrp and supersu by the way? If it helps I am rooted and baseband is n910r4tyuqboc4. Thanks for all the help guys!
  9. Sprint?

    Ok I know this is a us cellular forum, but Sprint has some people set up at Target doing some really good specials. I could get a phone, 25gb for $50, and a $200 target gift card. The plan I was thinking about going with is cheaper than the one I have now. Now my questions are is Sprint's service better, are there more developers for their phones with more roms, how easy are they to unlock and root, how fast do the do updates? I have other questions but I can't think of them right now. If someone could answer those and give me any other thoughts and opinions that would be great. They are also doing the $200 gift card with at&t and Verizon. The phones are a little limited at the setup at Target but I think I can talk one if the carriers into letting me get whatever phone I want sent to target so I can take advantage of the offer. And of the 3, which one is easiest to work with as far as rooting and using roms and stuff? Thanks guys.
  10. t mobile version cm on us cellular?

    In Dev guides and ride this guy said he has a T-Mobile rom running on his phone. Few extra steps, but if it works, that means we should be able to use T-Mobile roms, which there are plenty to choose from.
  11. You day you flashed a T-Mobile rom using this process? There's a T-Mobile cm marshmallow rom now. Would it work if I followed your process but just replaced this rom for the one you used?
  12. barndawg where can I get the stock kernel? Sorry about all of the stupid questions. I use to know how to do all this stuff because when I had my nexus I was trying something new every day. Since getting the note, I've only flashed 2 thinks and inky used odin once. It's completely different. I guess if you don't use it, you lose it haha. I don't remember how to do anything lol.
  13. Barndawg I know I can check the build number and all that in about device. I was saying I could factory reset phone, check and see what build it is, which I'm guessing it would be boc4, then get root again. I guess I really don't care about having the latest version, I just think a little reboot, factory reset, clean up is in order. While I'm here, it's possible to do a factory reset and keep root and twrp right? I'm pretty sure I've seen an app that does that. Or have I?
  14. Yeah I use apex launcher. I do all the little tips and tricks too haha. Sometimes you just gotta start over with a clean slate.
  15. Ok so the T-Mobile version had cm 12.whatever marshmallow. I've heard some Sprint roms work on us cellular phones. Will a T-Mobile rom work? There's just not any development for our phone! Haha. I'm up for an upgrade in a few months and I'm going back to nexus. Oh how I miss my nexus 4. Always had newest update, tons of roms, and no problems.