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  1. Newest Stock 5.1.1 ROM LMY48I Out

    Gotcha lmao i was like ummmm i didnt type dummy i typed r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d
  2. Newest Stock 5.1.1 ROM LMY48I Out

    Umm i didnt type dummy.... Lmao wtf
  3. Newest Stock 5.1.1 ROM LMY48I Out

    Sorry my phone went dummy on me and posted multiple times fml
  4. Newest Stock 5.1.1 ROM LMY48I Out

    Im using Zimperium Stagefright Detector
  5. Newest Stock 5.1.1 ROM LMY48I Out

    I used a different detector Zimperium Stagefright Detector
  6. Newest Stock 5.1.1 ROM LMY48I Out

    From what ive read allegedly it gives the attacker axxess to photos, contacts, along with supposed full control of your device.... I have misunderstood any of my readings admin please please slap me in the face and remove my posts Apologies in advance if i have misinterpreted what i read
  7. Newest Stock 5.1.1 ROM LMY48I Out

    My apologies i forgot to add that to my post sorry, the stagefright exploit I ran the Zimperium Stagefright Detector And shows my vulnerability
  8. Newest Stock 5.1.1 ROM LMY48I Out

    After this update my device is still vulnerable to this exploit after doing research.... So this doesn't help well at least not my device
  9. Google project fi

    Finally got my project fi sim card, it was a nightmare doing my number port but after a headache and few support calls and a beer later got it running pretty smooth if I may say so, i have full lte signal at home here in iowa and steady signal running around iowa city had a dead spot going through ainsworth lost data connectivity a couple times but was still able to make and recieve calls and texts
  10. Camera Failure

    No luck, f-it ill just flash stock and reroot etc lol
  11. Camera Failure

    I tried thatnwith the photos app from manager ill give that a shot now
  12. Camera Failure

    No i flashed touch3 from over on xda and my stock photos app force closes now after i did my restore from my backup i made before i flashed touch3
  13. Camera Failure

    Wasnt sure whwre to pist this and didnt want to waste spacenmaking a new thread, but having issues with photos app force closing when i try to view device folders via the photos app,worked until I tried a sketchy crappy tom and since then will not work after i restored my backup at a loss now ive tried uninstalling the update, tried clearing data and cache in the apps list for the photos app did a factory reset 2/times.... Fml
  14. Roaming Indicator Off

    Thank you very much
  15. Roaming Indicator Off

    Is this file still available i clicked it but goes to a dead link