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  1. Delivered the phone yesterday. Repaired! Booted it up, skipped through setup, and installed the new memory card. Formatted it to internal. Got the phone registered with US Cellular, registered to my Goggle account, install the apps (one by one), and it works marvelously. The memory is a faster 32 gb SandDisk UHS-1 card, Extreme Plus with a '3' in the 'U'. The phone didn't squawk about it when I installed it. The apps loaded extremely fast. Not sure what Motorola service did, other than re-flash the OS system back to it. System ver. is 24.61.79.osprey_usc.usc.en.US usc and the build number is MCI24.107-79. I am very happy with the warranty repair! Now to use it and see how long it works! Motorola service is the best!
  2. Ha, Motorola fixed it and sent it the next day, FedEx 2nd day. Should get it Monday. It will be interesting to see if it now finishes setup! Fast turn around!
  3. About a week and half ago, the phone (Moto G 2015 3rd Gen) decides not to recognize the memory card (which was formatted for internal). AND after a hard reset, would not complete the setup process. I would get past a three or so prompts/screens and it would loop to "wait a sec....". Never had an android device not hard reset properly. Still under warranty, so I sent it in for repair or replacement.Should be interesting to see what I get back. I think I get to return the Sandisk memory card back too because it was secured by the phone. So secured, I cannot format nor partition it. In fact the phone wouldn't do it either. At least my Moto-X is back in service and purring along.
  4. No. Memory formatted to internal does not show up in Windows Explorer. I vaguely remember reading the Linux systems might be able to read/see those files. I do not have Linux box to verify this. Although the ability to view might be a desired or expected functionality, I am not sure if that is the correct functionality within Marshmallow 6.xx. This is why I mentioned using WiFi File Explorer Pro or similar app in 6.xx.
  5. Yes, with Moto G 2015 3rd Gen, both are somewhat visible in Settings \Storage & USB as "Internal Storage" and "SanDisk SD card".
  6. Yes, the adoptable storage is nice, especially for this phone. I suspect the phone was built with Android 6.xx and that feature in mind. I didn't know about the " μ " character being available. Copy and paste seems to work. It would be nice if one could partition, say a 64 Gb μSD card, into 16 and 48 Gb partitions. Then format only the 16 sized partition to internal and the 48 to data/external. The drawback with assigning/formatting the μSD card to internal is that it is no longer available to the network when hard wiring to a Windows pc/laptop. For security reasons, it becomes encrypted as the rest of the phone and additionally protected from being seen.
  7. The OTA update for Marshmallow occurred last week and I read up as much as possible before applying the update. After updating my phone, here is my quick review. Marshmallow (android 6.xx) is what the Moto G 2015 3rd gen was made for! Here are a couple of hints to the install. Backup your pictures, documents, and data to your hard drive. If you have any apps moved to your uSD card, uninstall them. Just moving them back to the phone does not seem to work as expected. Make sure your phone battery is at 100% and apply the Marshmallow update. After the phone is updated, let it settle down for a few minutes. Do some mundane tasks, then power-off the phone. If your uSD card in not a fast card, such as a class 10 or UHS-1 or faster, go buy one and replace your existing card with it. I have a 32 Gb SanDisk UHS-1 card. You can insert it into your phone now. Power-on your phone. After the phone fully boots-up, go to Settings, Storage, and select your SD card. In the upper right-hand corner is the three, vertical dot icon, press that and select format as internal. Return your screen to Home and power off, then power it back on. After the phone has fully booted-up, you can restore your data and reinstall your apps. At some point, you may get a message asking if it is ok to move apps and data to the external memory. Respond positively if that appears. With my phone it now automatically puts the pictures, media, and programs onto the external storage. And application updates occur automatically, no longer posting running out of memory messages. If you are a gamer, make sure you get a very fast and large uSD card. To restore or move data to or from my phone to pc, I use on the phone, WiFi File Explorer PRO. There are probably other apps that do the same. This is just the one I use. Once I restored my apps, those icons on my Home screens returned and are again usable. Btw, here are the Motorola release notes: I hope you find this helpful.
  8. G 3rd Gen Internal Memory Management

    I think I figured out a work around. In Settings, Storage, scroll down the the Move media option. Select it and move any pictures, movies, and music to SD. Then using Android Assistant app, I use their App2SD feature and move any available program in the list to SD. Continuing with Android Assistant app, I use their System Clear feature and clear select files / stuff there. Then update apps in Play Store. After which, I do #2 above again, moving apps to SD. Seems that some apps reinstall themselves to regular memory on updating. Thank you BoгИX for your help! John
  9. I have had my G 3rd Gen for about a week and a half, and questioning the phone's ability to manage its internal memory. At first I thought the e-mail was consuming internal memory, but deleting e-mail accounts failed to reduce internal memory usage. So some app updates came across, and now the internal memory is max'd or nearly max'd out. I have moved all available apps to sd; and I have moved all my data to sd; using the processes in the phone's settings. I have actually been doing this from the get-go. I never had this issue with my Moto X (16 Gb), even with triple the apps on it and no sd capability. So the question(s) is, will the operating system keep consuming phone internal memory? Even if I (keep) removing a lesser important app from time to time? Eventually, loosing all user installed apps? Are there any tweaks to Settings/Apps to resolve this? The reason why I ask, is I get 2 weeks to try the phone and if I don't like it, I can opt to another phone. That time is Wednesday, and sadly, US Cellular has a poor selection of Motorola phones.
  10. Moto G 3rd Gen - 64 Gb Memory Card?

    Great. I figured a class 10 or better. Thanks!!
  11. Yes, I meant Marshmallow (6)! Sheese, saw postings of morels on FB and my mind drifted a bit. Thanks for the replies. I expected we would have to wait, if at all.
  12. Ok, the specs say the upper limit on the external memory card is 32 Gb. Will a 64 Gb card work with Lollipop 5.1.1? If so, of course now with most of my app2sd, how do I move from a 32Gb card to a 64Gb card. Ugh, start over?
  13. I just got a Moto G 3rd Gen, 8 Gb, and wondered if Mushroom was in the works for this version (USC). I moved from a Moto-X 1st Gen and really like this one. Unfortunately, I have pretty much maxed out the app memory. I understand that Mushroom can allocate all the external memory card as internal memory and thus, possibly expand the app memory. Just thinking. The 5.1.1 is really nice on this beast. Oddly, I think it is improved muchly over the X 1st Gen.
  14. Thank you very much for your assistance and providing the stock files. They worked perfect! I extracted the 3 images and flashed them using mfastboot in the order mentioned in this procedure here. Then rebooted the phone. It freshened up the apps and came back to life. I updated a couple of apps in Play Store, rebooted, and then applied the update, 222.26.8 successfully. I think I might wait for the next update (assuming there is another stagefright update for Moto -X 1st Gen), before applying TWRP. The Moto-X is a great phone and great support from people like you, JohnB! Thanks again!
  15. Nope. I was thinking reset to factory would work in recovery, but that doesn't leave the bootloader unlock screen either.